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Servo, DS115CLHV
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General Information This is an 8mm thick wing servo outputting 115oz-in and while it's been created expressly for gliders, the facts are jets are also using these (often in the vertical fin). Of course, the servo doesn't know (or care) in what it's installed. Like Cinderella and the glass slipper, this 21g sweetheart will slip into a lot of places ordinary 10mm wing-servos simply won't fit, all whilst outputting loads of power . . . win-win! - This jewel of an alloy case servo has been...

Servo, DS125CLHV Brass Monkey
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Item #: DS125CLHV-BM -

What's this servo for? if you're into weighting your SCX24 with brass (everybody doesn't but those who do, you know why), then we've just made a batch of Brass Monkeys. Basically, it's our DS125CLHV servo but instead of CNC machining the case from a billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, we started off from solid brass billets, instead. The point? 41g vs 21g, which puts an extra 20g mounted in the right place . . . low. In short, created to help increase control for pro-level SCX24 crawlers. So...

Servo, DS135BLHV
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DS135BLHV under construction DS135BLHV - 135oz-in - 0.026sec/60°

Servo, DS490BLHV Best giant scale and X-MAXX servo
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This is the ProModeler DS490BLHV servo. It's standard size low profile servo (standard size meaning a footprint of 40x20mm). Like others in lineup, it sports beams for mounting (hence designed to be installed with vibration isolating rubber and brass eyelets). Note how it features a beefy 15T spline (versus the smaller conventional 25T spline output shaft). Why? Simple, servos have become so powerful with the new class of neodymium magnet motors that 25T splines, even using the best steel in...

Servo, DS905BLWR Best dual shaft servo motor for drone, robotic, tilt, Pixhawk, Freeman 2100, VTOL, Makeflyeasy, Hero, UAV Mapping, FPV, Aircraft, RC, Airplane, TOLAKO, LD-220MG, AR-1202, LDX-218
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When mission value dictates a move away from inexpensively made imported tilt servos simply because failure poses too much business risk, turn with confidence to ProModeler for military grade dual shaft servos. The DS905BLWR is precise, smooth in operation, and powerful - outputting 905oz-in (65Kg-cm).  Rugged construction featuring a tough all-steel gear-train, this tilt servo is housed in a high precision all-alloy case CNC-machined of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. And for greatest service...

DS905 Swing
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Cross beam swing is used with the DS905BLWR servo in motion control applications. Cross Beam Swing Conceptually simple, beams and wheels sets are the foundation of making tricky adaptations. But what if you need to pivot and load, both? Enter the Cross Beam Swing accessory! Combining both a mount and an output arm, one which is concentrically supported 180°from the output, this may be one of the most time saving accessories ever created in the motion control world. So is 'this' the best way to...

DS905 Wheels
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Wheel sets are used to harness the output of cross-shaft servos like the DS905BLWR. Wheels Once mounted, making use of the output is a matter of adapting the shaft to what best suits your needs. Sometimes a conventional arm or horn (of which we offer many in both polymer and aluminum) is all that's needed. However, the selection criteria that sees most using a counter-shaft equipped servo is to balance the output. At its most basic, we offer a set of drive wheels. As long as you have the...

DS905 Beam
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Item #: PDRS905-beam -

Multi-mount beams are packaged individually to make attaching to the DS905BLWR servo easier for motion control applications. Multi-mount BeamsSince it's impossible to predict the purpose government or industry may put this motion unit to, we've created the multi-mount beam. This nifty little accessory offers a wide spectrum of mounting possibilities because of how the case is tapped on four sides. Whether one is enough, or you need a pair( or four), the point of this bit of hardware is to make...

DS1505BLHV Best servo for SCX6, Losi EXB 2.0, 40% models
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What's this servo for? Suitable uses for a DS1505BLHV include large unmanned vehicles for civilian consumer, defense contractors, ordinance disposal, and industry like; High performance RC trucks ranging from 10-20KG Fixed-wing tactical UAVs grossing 25-250KgSquad-level remote sensing/surveillance Rotary-wing agricultural-spraying to 400Kg Ordinance disposal manipulators from 20-80Kg lift Click Specs next. Specifications MIL SPEC MIL-STD-810G-Part 16 Shock - Test Method 516.6 Vibration - Test...

DS1885BLDP Best servo, X-MAXX, giant scale, 42% servo
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General Information Servos don't know in what they're being installed, and while this servo has been created expressly to fit the Traxxas X-MAXX, the facts are with the addition of the mounting beam option, it can be fitted to a wide variety of 1/5th scale rigs, such as a Losi DBXL-E 2.0, as well as into 35-42% giant scale 3D models with gasoline engines ranging from 120cc to 200cc displacement. Funny thing about making this midi-class servo for the X-MAXX is we're already known for producing...