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Servo, DS95BLHV
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Before adding this servo to your cart, note it's a tail rotor servo only! This mini-class 95oz-in servo is suitable for helicopter tail rotor applications only! This means neutral is 760µs instead of the 1520µs like servos, which function when connected directly to a receiver. Basically, a receiver's servo output sensitivity doesn't extend into the range at which this servo operates, so it only responds when connected to a gyro's output. So heads up before you order and later call...

Servo, DS115CLHV
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General Information This is an 8mm thick wing servo outputting 115oz-in and while it's been created expressly for gliders, the facts are jets are also using these (often in the vertical fin). Of course, the servo doesn't know (or care) in what it's installed. Like Cinderella and the glass slipper, this 21g sweetheart will slip into a lot of places ordinary 10mm wing-servos simply won't fit, all whilst outputting loads of power . . . win-win! - This jewel of an alloy case servo has been...

Servo, DS135BLHV
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DS135BLHV under construction DS135BLHV - 135oz-in - 0.026sec/60°

Servo, DS905BLWR Best dual shaft servo motor for drone, robotic, tilt, Pixhawk, Freeman 2100, VTOL, Makeflyeasy, Hero, UAV Mapping, FPV, Aircraft, RC, Airplane, TOLAKO, LD-220MG, AR-1202, LDX-218
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When mission value dictates a move away from inexpensively made imported tilt servos simply because failure poses too much business risk, turn with confidence to ProModeler for military grade dual shaft servos. The DS905BLWR is precise, smooth in operation, and powerful - outputting 905oz-in (65Kg-cm).  Rugged construction featuring a tough all-steel gear-train, this tilt servo is housed in a high precision all-alloy case CNC-machined of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. And for greatest service...

Adapter, Cross Beam Swing
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Cross beam swing is used with the DS905BLWR servo in motion control applications. Cross Beam Swing Conceptually simple, beams and wheels sets are the foundation of making tricky adaptations. But what if you need to pivot and load, both? Enter the Cross Beam Swing accessory! Combining both a mount and an output arm, one which is concentrically supported 180°from the output, this may be one of the most time saving accessories ever created in the motion control world. So is 'this' the best way to...

Adapter, XXbeam Best servo for, 1/5 rigs, trucks, RC
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Item #: XXbeam -

While designed for the specific purpose of fitting into an X-MAXX, the DS1885BLWR is quite an impressive specimen as servos go. Outfitting it with DS2685 mounts adds versatility to the more compact form factor. Included are two CNC-machined mounts which are hogged from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum plus anti-vibration isolaters, and stainless steel Allen head machine-thread bolts for installation.