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Servo, DS905BLWR Best dual shaft servo motor for drone, robotic, tilt, Pixhawk, Freeman 2100, VTOL, Makeflyeasy, Hero, UAV Mapping, FPV, Aircraft, RC, Airplane, TOLAKO, LD-220MG, AR-1202, LDX-218
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When mission value dictates a move away from inexpensively made imported tilt servos simply because failure poses too much business risk (or because mission failure if not lives on the line make you blanche), then turn with confidence to ProModeler for your military grade tilt servos. The DS905BLWR is better because it's smooth and precise, strong, rugged, and centers great . . . all whilst outputting 905oz-in (65Kg-cm). And by rugged construction we mean things like a tough all-steel...

DS905 Swing
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Cross beam swing is used with the DS905BLWR servo in motion control applications. Cross Beam Swing Conceptually simple, beams and wheels sets are the foundation of making tricky adaptations. But what if you need to pivot and load, both? Enter the Cross Beam Swing accessory! Combining both a mount and an output arm, one which is concentrically supported 180°from the output, this may be one of the most time saving accessories ever created in the motion control world. So is 'this' the best way to...

DS905 Wheels
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Wheel sets are used to harness the output of cross-shaft servos like the DS905BLWR. Wheels Once mounted, making use of the output is a matter of adapting the shaft to what best suits your needs. Sometimes a conventional arm or horn (of which we offer many in both polymer and aluminum) is all that's needed. However, the selection criteria that sees most using a counter-shaft equipped servo is to balance the output. At its most basic, we offer a set of drive wheels. As long as you have the...

DS905 Beam
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Multi-mount beams are packaged individually to make attaching to the DS905BLWR servo easier for motion control applications. Multi-mount BeamsSince it's impossible to predict the purpose government or industry may put this motion unit to, we've created the multi-mount beam. This nifty little accessory offers a wide spectrum of mounting possibilities because of how the case is tapped on four sides. Whether one is enough, or you need a pair( or four), the point of this bit of hardware is to make...