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24" x 36" with 4-brass grommets for displaying at events.

Cap, ProModeler
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Created with the primary aim of being comfortable, this softly faded red cotton ball cap is tasteful embroidered with small letters on an arc around the back opening, plus the logo on the brim. Featuring an easy fit buckle type adjuster, you'll be pleased to wear this one at your field. Caring for it is easy, too because when even your dog objects to the smell, just cold water wash with Dawn and a toothbrush. Then rise it, pat dry, and hang on door knob overnight and it'll be ready for...

Cap, modelSport
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Black, over the ear loop-type cloth mask with tiny ProModeler logo
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This fashionable black cloth mask features stretchy soft cloth-ear loops and is comfortable to wear for hours without a break because it's made of the same soft cotton material as a t-shirt or underwear. How good is it? Dunno, but we suspect it's better than nothing! - What's Maggie licking her chops have to do with masks? Read on! We've found the cloth ear-loops of our mask are easier on you than the elastic bands of other masks. And anything that makes mask wearing more comfortable is a...

Patch, Large
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This beautiful embroidered ProModeler patch looks striking on the back of a vest, shirt, or jacket. No expense has been spared in its manufacture. For example, it has a pricey heat activated layer on back. Why? Simple, because it lets you iron it in place to check the placement. Don't like it? Just fold or crease the underlying material and it comes loose allowing you to reposition and iron once again. Repeat until it's perfect! Why does this matter? It's because using pins may pick the...

Patch, Short
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Patch, Small
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