760µs/560Hz (tail rotor gyro only)

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    This 135oz-in servo is suitable for helicopter tail rotor applications only! This means neutral is 760µs instead of the 1520µs of servos connected directly to a receiver. Basically, a receiver's servo output sensitivity doesn't extend low enough to signal this servo - it responds only to gyro output.

    1. Features a brushless motor. Electronic commutation means there's no excess heat and 5X longer life because electrons don't wear out.

    2. Plus, we CNC-machined the center case from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum instead of using cheapo pot metal. And ours, with cooling fins reduce operating temperatures compared to smooth side servos helping better keep things in check when the servo motor is working hard. Fins increase cooling area to better shed electronic-destroying heat!

    3. Then, to reduce weight, we mold the upper and lower case sections with tough Nylon 6,6 and to reinforce it, we press bronze inserts for the gear shaft pockets. This composite construction results in a case that's significantly lighter than an all-aluminum case, which because the tail rotor servo is behind the main shaft helps the CG without sacrificing strength.

    4. finally, the case is assembled with 10 (ten) Allen-head machine screws instead of four (like competing designs) for greater rigidity.

    5. Beyond ordinary dual ABEC-3 ball bearings, this servo has been equipped higher precision dual ABEC-9 bearings for an ultra smooth feel.

    6. You also get all-metal gears (no plastic), and key to higher speed is using lightweight 7075 hard anodize (25T spline) output (the largest gear in the gear train). Added to which, these gears are wider than usual thus increasing the surface area for long wear.

    7. Optimized for high voltage (HV) battery packs (7.4V nominal) or 8.4V from a BEC.

    8. Note; since centering is the sine qua non for a high performance servo, this servo has MIL-SPEC components. Along with a genuine Nobel potentiometer, this means the best possible performance because we don't compromise in our goal of building the best mini-size servo money can buy.

    9. In closing, if you believe protecting the electronics against vibration is important then you'll be happy to learn how instead of a cheapo piece of foam we protect the electronic components of the PCB (printed circuit board) against vibration with potting compound. This is exactly how the military and NASA bullet proof their electronics. And quite honestly, it's a pain in the hind quarters, but we think of it as going the extra mile because like you, we're modelers too. Or put another way, we fly what we sell.

    Bottom line? The DS135BLHV tail rotor servo is probably the one you want because it's better than what competitors offer. It's better because it's brushless, strong, fast, and centers superbly.