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R/C Basics: Hover - VHS
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R/C helicopters look like fun - and they are - but you've heard they're hard to set-up and fly. And with all those linkages, they look really complicated. Not to worry, here are both workbench and flying field tips to help you because it's easier than you think! First up are things a more experienced modeler will look for in a helicopter assembled by a newcomer. These include selecting the swashplate mode in your radio, setting the direction in which the servos should move, as well as how to...

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There's a lot to know about model engine operation and adding this DVD to your library means you gain the benefit of learing from an experienced pro. With an approximate run time of 3-hours, topics covered include care, handling, break in, disassembly, tips and tricks, fuel and it's composition, tuning, selecting glow plugs, gasoline versus nitro fuel engines, how to work on Walbro type pump carburetors, etc. Subsections include;aboutENGINESSafetyFuel Make-upFuel SystemsEngine Break-in2-stroke...

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