New to ProModeler servos?

As a bespoke producer of hand made servos,
our principal clients are defense and industry.
You're busy, and we know it, so take 2-min
to grok whether MIL-STDS matter to you, also.

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For modelers at the top of their game,
centering is the only thing that counts.
Control-loops rely on potentiometers
and unquestionably the best pot money
can buy is this million-cycle Nobel 1Mc.
This genuine Japanese pot is at the
heart of our servos from quarter to micro.

Unlike servos using a plastic foundation,
ProModeler's 10-bolt porcupine case is
CNC-machined from a solid-billet of 6061-T6
aircraft aluminum. Lightweight and strong,
with cooling fins to efficiently shed heat better,
this structural member anchors both motor
and gear train with 10 o-ringed Allen-head bolts.
The porcupine is used throughout our lineup.

When your money doesn't grow on trees, the DL-series offers you a lot without torching your wallet. Considered standard size for their 40x20mm footprint, these range from $30 to $50 apiece. Rated from 90-360oz-in, it's hard to go wrong within your sport model, trainer, jet, or scale warbird. At home in UAS involving agricultural, right-of-way, and pipeline inspection, these servos are ideal for civilian hobbyists enjoying their aerial models for fun. Built to MIL-STDS, their long service life comes from using better parts. Parts like durable metal gears, aluminum cooling fins to better shed heat when working its hardest, and an iron core motor with the longest in-service design in history. This servo, an industry standard workhorse for good reason, reliably and precisely delivers you with hour after hour of solid service, confidence, and peace of mind. Includes top notch rubber mounting hardware, plus 4-horn and 6-horn 25-tooth mounting arms to get you started.

There comes a time when servos with BLS (brushless) motors make perfect sense - experience teaches you when.

10lbs of force, or 160oz-in, is enough to fly giant scale model - unheard of in mini-size servos - in coreless and BLS.

Regarding positive feedback oscillations

Large control surfaces are more flexible than you might believe and this means they can set up a positive feedback oscillation. There's an easy fix and we show you what to do about it!

Rip Van Winkle, on returning to RC

30 years is a long time in the world of technology, and RC has been no exception in advancing at a rapid pace. This brief article endeavors to help bring you up to speed regarding what you've missed!

Hangar 9 30cc Ultra Stick servos

A wide range of servos are suitable for this versatile model but getting the right one involves honestly evaluating yourself as a modeler to keep from farting away more than you should, or to be happy with your choice.

On the batteries John prefers using

Is there such a thing as overspeccing servos? Or the other way around, underspeccing? If so, what do batteries have to do with any of this? As always, it depends!

When LiFePO4 is mistakenly charged as LiIon

Can you salvage a pack mistaken charged for a different chemistry? With 6 chemistries in common use, this happens more than you might think. We possible how-to techniques.

Modeltech Dragon Lady 60 servos

An oldie but goodie that still comes up for sale occasionally, the Dragon Lady 60 is a favorite with modelers for good reason and equipping it with the right servos fro you and your budget is easy.

Extreme Flight 69in Turbo Raven servos

What's the best servo? The answer to this can be tricky. Especially when so many have an opinion. We show you how to balance across the factors of price and performance to make the best decision for you and your budget.

Selecting the best servo to replace the JR DS8711

ProModeler vs JR DS8711

The venerable JR DS8711, released back in 2006, isn't just long in tooth, but superseded by several ProModeler servos. We help you pick the one best for you!

AJ Models 62in Acuity servos

So you bought yourself a 1st class competition capable pattern and IMAC model and now you need servos. But with so many on the market, how do you get the best servos for you? We show you how!

Hangar 9 60cc Pitts S-2B servos

What are the best servos for your Hangar 9 Pitts S-2B? Well, it depends on if you're a duffer, a smooth flying IMAC maven, or are into aggressive XA flight. We guide you in your decision.

Phoenix Models 30cc Strega servos

Spanning nearly 70" and powered by 30cc engines, the Phoenix Models Strega represents one of the greatest air racers of all times and selecting servos isn't necessarily easy. We show you a few alternatives!

TEKNO SCT 410 2.0 servo

Representing a giant leap in the 410 short course truck development, the 2.0 is a leap forward from the 410.3 . . . not just evolutionary but revolutionary!

Flex Innovations Mamba 120cc servos

Quique's design of the 120cc Mamba is a beast. Equipping it the right way can be tricky, so we help guide you into what you really need in the way of servos. How? By showing you a customer's approach to equipping his.

Best servo and arm for 1/10th scale rigs

Servo arms for 1/10th scale rigs

With so many servos and arms on the market, how do you pick the best servo for your 1/10th scale rig? This brief article explores the ins and outs of how-to get the best one for your needs.