New to ProModeler servos?

As a bespoke producer of hand made servos,
our principal clients are defense and industry.
You're busy, and we know it, so take 2-min
to grok whether MIL-STDS matter to you, also.

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Carousel controller

For modelers at the top of their game,
centering is the only thing that counts.
Control-loops rely on potentiometers
and unquestionably the best pot money
can buy is this million-cycle Nobel 1Mc.
This genuine Japanese pot is at the
heart of our servos from quarter to micro.

Unlike servos using a plastic foundation,
ProModeler's 10-bolt porcupine case is
CNC-machined from a solid-billet of 6061-T6
aircraft aluminum. Lightweight and strong,
with cooling fins to efficiently shed heat better,
this structural member anchors both motor
and gear train with 10 o-ringed Allen-head bolts.
The porcupine is used throughout our lineup.

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