Best value standard-size DL-series servos feature reliable 3-pole iron-core motors - they're the servo industry workhorse!

Rip Van Winkle, on returning to RC

30 years is a long time in the world of technology, and RC has been no exception in advancing at a rapid pace. This brief article endeavors to help bring you up to speed regarding what you've missed!

Outfitting a 30cc Ultra Stick with servos

A wide range of servos are suitable for this versatile model but getting the right one involves honestly evaluating yourself as a modeler to keep from farting away more than you should, or to be happy with your choice.

On using a gyro for rudder

If you've never flown a short coupled model equipped with a tail wheel, then it's quite likely you've never experienced the joy of taking off 90° to your initial heading. As pilots, we all know at some point take off includes a 'shoving the throttle forward' phase, and with the Pitts Special, a representation of the biplane popularized by designer Curtis Pitts, anything but perfect technique could mean a ground loop or a trip toward the weeds. Note; his 1943 design was considered revolutionary...

There comes a time when servos with BLS (brushless) motors make perfect sense - experience teaches you when.

10lbs of force, or 160oz-in, is enough to fly giant scale model - unheard of in mini-size servos - in coreless and BLS.

Regarding positive feedback oscillations

Large control surfaces are more flexible than you might believe and this means they can set up a positive feedback oscillation. There's an easy fix and we show you what to do about it!

Regarding props - heads up!

Props can cause horrendous injuries; a leather glove or electric starter aren't enough to eliminate he possibility of getting hurt - so don't fly alone, have a pal help you, and get behind the model with alacrity to mitigate risk.

On selecting battery packs

The right pack can make or break the experience so we show you three easy ways to go about doing it the way pros do; by chemistry and capacity!

On servo gear trains

Ever wondered how such a tiny motor can produce such huge amounts of torque? Like the transmission in a Ferrari launching it to to 200mph, with the servo it's down to the gear train.

About tail rotor servos

Tail Rotor Servos There are a class of servos, which we call tail rotor servos. Their pulse range...

BEC or dedicated pack?

Kindly review this material before proceeding. The case against synthetic voltage Bypassing the BEC...

Idle thoughts regarding chargers

Most charger-purchases are tactical decisions; what do I need right now? But a more strategic view may result in your deciding several inexpensive individual chargers deliver better redundancy and flexibility for charging/discharging several packs at a time. This may better suit you!

Low buck trick to stretch mask use

In the vein of a penny saved is a penny earned, this brief how-to shows you an easy way for making your mask serviceable for its intended duty after repeated use. Maybe it's a stretch to say it results in a free mask, but it's effectively true!

On the value of double-filtration

Watching some rat bastard politician on TV was the first we noticed someone wearing two filters. One with their party's logo worn over a serious N95 led us to think; 'If it's good enough for them...'

Are you playin' checkers or chess?

Selecting servos can be confusing and most guys get snookered by expensive advertising campaigns and sponsored pilots who say what they're told to. How can you figure it out for yourself? We show you how!

How to use an HV-servo with a 6V-radio

A low-buck approach for how to use a HV servo with a 6V-radio system. Best part? It applies to an X-MAXX, TRX4 or pretty much 'any' vehicle (of any brand) relying on a 6V BEC-circuit to operate the steering servo!

When's the next super special sale?

Buying into the marketing-driven idea of special pricing, as if costs change based on certain magical days, is a good start! Instead of cat and mouse games, we make you our best offer from the very beginning.

Servo choice affects your experience

Interested in trying your hand at 3D? Confused by conflicting advice regarding servos? We help guide you through specs like torque, speed, current, and voltage - and why they matter. Plus what's better for you; a BEC or battery - and why!

About RC servo motors

Ever wondered about the difference between DC, coreless, and brushless servo-motors? This askJOHN article addresses it in a largely brand neutral way. and is generically useful because all servos - regardless of brand - use one of these three types of motors (share the link freely).