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Workhorse of the servo industry, DL-series servos feature reliable 3-pole ferrite core motors.

Top of the food chain brushless motor servos - when it's the best, or nothing!

2/3 the size of standard servos - without compromising centering, speed, or power - ProModeler minis!



On outfitting a 30cc Ultra Stick with servos

I recently received a query from a fellow regarding selecting the appropriate servos for a Hangar 9 Ultra Stick - the 30cc instead of the original 10cc version (the small one has a 60" wingspan while the 30cc version sports a two-piece wing spanning 81" that's nearly the size of a closet door). His question offered a lot of subtlety, so I post it in its entirety. Q. What would be the appropriate servos to use in a Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 30cc. Which will most likely be fitted with a DA-35...


On using a gyro for rudder

If you've never flown a short coupled model equipped with a tail wheel, then it's quite likely you've never experienced the joy of taking off 90° to your initial heading. As pilots, we all know at some point take off includes a 'shoving the throttle forward' phase, and with the Pitts Special, a representation of the biplane popularized by designer Curtis Pitts, anything but perfect technique could mean a ground loop or a trip toward the weeds. Note; his 1943 design was considered revolutionary...