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Adapter, XT30(M) to JST(F)
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Item #: XT30-2-JST -

Since ProModeler batteries come with four connectors;Balance connector, andTwo DuPont connectors (sometimes referred to as JR-connectors), plus aXT30 connector. . . and you use the pair of 3.5A DuPont connectors to deliver 7A of no0-heat power to a recever through a pair of switches for redundancy (DuPont are the little black ones that look like the ones used for servos), plus a yellow 30 amp XT30 . . . - ProModeler packs are made with four connector, a balance, a pair of DuPont, and an XT30...

4-tap (Power Expander XD)
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Item #: PEXD -

We call this thing a 4-tap because it literally lets you add another pair of Dupont discharge connectors to one of our batteries (total 4) via the XT30 discharge connector. - XT30 female close up reveals male pins - but - it's the housing that determines gender So why add an PEXD (XT30-DupontX2 power expander) to a ProModeler B2S-series LiIon battery pack in the first place? These packs range in capacity from 850-6000mAh and are a handy way to power something other than a receiver and servos -...

Adapter, Power, Hydra
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Item #: Hydra -

This power adapter is what you need to power a HV steering servo separately from the 6V radio system without burning up the receiver/ESC. - This adapter gives the servo 10A of HV while the receiver runs on a BEC Background: The stock TRAXXAS radio system operates on 6V. The 6V-receiver is backfed through the throttle lead coming from the ESC (through what's called a BEC-circuit). BEC stands for battery eliminator circuit and ESC means electronic speed control, or throttle (for the propulsion...

Power Adapter XT30-XH2 E-Revo Traxxas dual steering servos
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Item #: XT30-XH2 -

The power adapter makes pulling power from a 2S pack's JST-HX balance port and converting to an XT30, easy.  This mates perfectly to a JST-brand XH connector (used for the balance connection of a battery pack). There are other types of balance connectors, battery folks use whatever flavor suits them. Thunder Power, for example uses one, Hyperion uses another, Traxxas uses another, etc. This one is for the JST XH connector. They exist on batteries to make it easy to bleed off voltage from...