• Extreme 3D aircraft to 78"
  • Turbine jet aircraft
  • Space constrained giant warbirds
  • High performance carpet racers
  • Robotics
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    For some (you know who you are), the prospects of a 355oz-in mini, a servo weighing in at a mere 44g, is something of a siren's call. If you find it irresistible, it's because we crafted this compact monster with you in mind!

    The DS355CLHV is unquestionably the highest performance mini money can buy. Oozing quality, the heart is a coreless motor harnessed to an all steel gear train, which is nestled in an alloy-case which is CNC machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum.

    What results is a lightweight monster suitable for the most extreme 35-50cc (and 12S-powered) 3D-aircraft, space constrained flight controls on turbines to 30lbs, scale warbirds to 40 lbs, and any aircraft where individual servos are buried within a thin stab or wing section. Also great for high performance carpet racers and drag cars, as well as miniature robotics, and high speed hydros, as well as helicopters!

    Outputting 355 oz-in and transiting in 0.079sec/60° the DS355CLHV mini-size digital servo is ideal for many models. The how of its genesis was because modelers like you were asking for a super lightweight servo that was fast enough for 3D (where pilots move control surfaces 35° in each direction . . . in the blink of an eye) and with torque sufficient for the class of super 3D models in the range of 74-82" wingspan. Going to a mini-format was an inspiration brought on by the technology of neodynium magnets, but it also required an all-steel gear train to ensure they survive the stresses.

    This unit meets two contract requirements not imposed on our civilian customers, MIL-STD-810G-Part 16 (Shock - Test Method 516.6 and Vibration - Test Method 514.6) for the utmost in reliability for your next project! We achieve this with the white stuff (below) applied to the PCB (we refer to this stuff internally as monkey snot because it's a sticky and stinky mess to deal with). The results speak for themselves because maybe your model isn't worth the millions some secret projects entail, but you're getting the same level of protection this stuff affords in your model as well . . . win-win!

    What about centering - especially important if IMAC is your strong suite? It's the best money can buy because we use a genuine million-cycle Japanese Nobel potentiometer instead of a knockoff and along with the MIL-SPEC components you get the best possible performance as a result.

    Add in the CNC-machined aircraft aluminum case, which is further reinforced with bronze bushings at the steel gear shafts pockets, and you get lust-worthy light weight, slop-free performance, and power . . . all in one compact bulletproof package!

    Bottom line? You're looking at these servos for your next project because an ordinary servo won't cut it. So if you want the best . . . this is the servo you want in your next model. 

    And helicopter pilots aren't forgotten - meaning 600 to 800-class models like a Pantera P6 or an SAB Goblin equipped with these means delighting in the speedy response that offers superb power and steel gear durability and at the same time, super light for when grams are important!

    Or perhaps you've spent months or years building out a scale warbird. We're speaking about the kind of model where the rigors of competition often mean burying a servo beneath scale detail (such that it's basically inaccessible). Since it's not a hangar queen, when you put hundreds (or thousands) of hours of labor at risk by taking wing, servos the caliber of the DS355CLHV will give you peace of mind.

    The DS355CLHV may be our best all-arounder because it gets the job done very nicely in scale models, pattern planes, IMAC as well as 3D, plus helicopters, and racers! Better components. Better servos. The formula is simple.

    Decisions regarding what go into ProModeler servos aren't made in accounting to optimize price and profit, but in engineering. The reasonable price comes about because of a better business model that eschews the old way of doing things (importer + distributor + hobby dealers) because they all get a cut at your expense. Now cut out the middlemen and deal direct!


    These are mini-size servos with very small gears and operating them manually via the servo horn may damage them. This damage is not covered by warranty. Please do not treat these like a standard size servos. You've been warned. Also, operating voltage is 4.8-8.4V, but optimal performance is obtained with a 2S LiPo instead of a BEC. This is because LiPos deliver the required current without voltage spikes, noise, or otherwise adversely affecting the delicate avionics (15C or better is recommended). After all, synthetic orange colored Tang may have gone to the moon, but it doesn't compare to freshly squeezed orange juice. Same thing when it comes to feeding your avionics!

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