Manuals, Software, and White Papers

OS 60L Carb

Troubleshooting the OS 60L Carb

OS Max 50SX-H

Troubleshooting times for OS Max 50SX-H.

Main Grip Thrust Bearings

CLICK HERE for a video on installing the main grip thrust bearings.

Tail Grip Thrust Bearings

CLICK HERE for instructions for installing thrust bearings in the tail grips.

Recommended Equipment List

Set-Up Tips

CLICK HERE for useful set-up tips.


CLICK HERE for instructions for the FBL conversion.

Tiger 50 Manuals

Tiger 50 (out of production 2006). We continue to offer spare parts and support.
The following manuals are available for download in pdf format.
  1. Tiger 50 Manual
  2. Mk II Addendum
  3. Registration Form

Model History: Tiger 50 > Tiger 50 Mk II > Pantera 50 > P6

CLICK HERE to learn more about the ongoing refinements, which led to the P6.
Pantera P6 manuals
These Pantera manuals are available for download in pdf format.
  1. Exploded Views (and part numbers)
  2. Assembly Manual

New t-shirt design files

We're intent on adding another piece of swag to the collection, another t-shirt. Two candidates have emerged, fade and gear. They're .PDF files (layers if you use Illustrator because that's what we use), which makes it easy to work with.

So what's in it for you? Beyond the fun, this is a contest of sorts with 1st place paying $100, 2nd $75, and 3rd $50. Actually, it's a work for hire so once we pony up the 'prize' money, the work becomes ours - just so we're clear.

Anyway, download the templates to create your own ideas (this makes it easy to use the existing logos and whatnot). The shirt going to be black and has a pocket because John likes black and carries his phone there (and he's paying). Otherwise, have fun.

Note; our e-mail address for sending the work product (in .PDF or .AI format) is on the footer of the site pages. Use SWAG as the subject. We'll post this as a design contest on Reddit within the /HungryArtists subreddit and include a art in .pdf format for use in Illustrator.