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Servo, DS490BLHV Best giant scale and X-MAXX servo
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This is the ProModeler DS490BLHV servo. It's standard size low profile servo (standard size meaning a footprint of 40x20mm). Like others in lineup, it sports beams for mounting (hence designed to be installed with vibration isolating rubber and brass eyelets). Note how it features a beefy 15T spline (versus the smaller conventional 25T spline output shaft). Why? Simple, servos have become so powerful with the new class of neodymium magnet motors that 25T splines, even using the best steel in...

DS1505BLHV Best servo for SCX6, Losi EXB 2.0, 40% models
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Item #: DS1505BLHV -

What's this servo for? Suitable uses for a DS1505BLHV include large unmanned vehicles for civilian consumer, defense contractors, ordinance disposal, and industry like; High performance RC trucks ranging from 10-20KG Fixed-wing tactical UAVs grossing 25-250KgSquad-level remote sensing/surveillance Rotary-wing agricultural-spraying to 400Kg Ordinance disposal manipulators from 20-80Kg lift Click Specs next. Specifications MIL SPEC MIL-STD-810G-Part 16 Shock - Test Method 516.6 Vibration - Test...