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Servo, DS95BLHV
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Item #: DS95BLHV -

Before adding this servo to your cart, note it's a tail rotor servo only! This mini-class 95oz-in servo is suitable for helicopter tail rotor applications only! This means neutral is 760µs instead of the 1520µs like servos, which function when connected directly to a receiver. Basically, a receiver's servo output sensitivity doesn't extend into the range at which this servo operates, so it only responds when connected to a gyro's output. So heads up before you order and later call...

Servo, DS205BLHV MKS DS-9670A+, HV9767, MKS HV737, BK DS-5001HV, Futaba S9650, Xpert MM-3301-HV, Sanwa HRG-HR, mini servo, Hitec HS-7245MH, HS-7235MH
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Item #: DS205BLHV -

What do you do if you need a lot of power plus speed and can't (or don't want to) fit a standard size servo? Your best alternative is usually a mini and this superb example makes as astonishing 205oz-in, has a brushless motor (most competitors rely on a coreless motor, instead, and is lightning fast at 0.05sec/60°. The secret to this kind of performance? There is none because basically, all we do is shoehorn a standard size servo motor into a mini-class frame by slotting the sides of the case....