• Robotic arm joint
  • Dual shaft servo
  • Military grade
  • 905oz-in (65Kg-cm)
  • WR (7.4-12VDC)
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    When mission value dictates a move away from inexpensively made imported tilt servos simply because failure poses too much business risk, turn with confidence to ProModeler for military grade dual shaft servos. The DS905BLWR is precise, smooth in operation, and powerful - outputting 905oz-in (65Kg-cm). 

    Rugged construction featuring a tough all-steel gear-train, this tilt servo is housed in a high precision all-alloy case CNC-machined of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. And for greatest service life, it's powered by a cool-running brushless motor (meaning no brushes to wear or create internal dust).

    This dual shaft servo is offered as the ultimate solution for VTOL unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or for driving balanced brackets and joint mechanisms on robotic arms. Simply put, no detail has been overlooked. Accepts a wide range of input voltages ranging 7.4-12VDC, making it more versatile.

    Bottom line? This compact dual shaft servo drive forms the foundation of a professional motion solution for the UAS industry. And to enhance its multi-role capability, we offer accessories expressly designed to make tailoring to your mission requirements easy.

    Accessories include Multi-mount Beams, Wheels to adapt to existing hardware, and to facilitate tilting an outrunner motor with propeller to 24" inch diameter, the ball bearing supported cross swing beam assembly.

    Multi-mount Beams

    Since it's impossible to predict the purpose government or industry may put this dual shaft tilt motion servo unit to, we've created the multi-mount beam. These nifty little accessory mounts offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for attaching to existing designs. This is aided by how the case is tapped on four sides. So whether one is enough, or you need a pair( or four), the purpose of this mounting beam hardware is to make the process of customizing and adapting this motion control dual shaft servo into your product just that little bit easier.

    Note; multi-mount beams are packaged individually. They secure to the servo drive using M2x4 and M2x5 Phillips head screws (depending on which sides you're using). Using these as the foundation of the mount for your installation greatly increase the versatility of the dual shaft servo drive installation because they can be quickly secured to any of four sides - or - in combination to aid in prototyping, or production use. Their existence is expressly for the purpose of helping you customize this servo installation to suit your mechanical requirement.


    Once mounted, making use of the output is a matter of adapting the dual shaft to what best suits your needs. Sometimes a conventional arm or horn (of which we offer many in both polymer and aluminum) is all that's needed. However, the selection criteria that sees most using a counter-shaft equipped servo is to balance the output and move an arm or propulsion unit.

    At its most basic, we offer a set of drive wheels. As long as you have the capability of fabricating to the required accuracy, these are a great start from which to proceed.

    One wheel is broached 25T for for the output-shaft. The mating wheel is bored for the counter-shaft. Both are drilled and tapped on a radial pattern for M3 hardware. Deceptively simple, these team up to make it easier for you to harness the motion control system.

    Together with the beam mounts, a set of wheels are the foundation of putting this servo into harness. After, putting it to work is the purpose, right? Any well equipped machine shop will be delighted to begin from here to fabricate whatever is your heart's desire.

    Cross Beam Swing

    Conceptually simple, beams and wheels sets are the foundation of making tricky adaptations. But what if you need to pivot and load, both? Enter the Cross Beam Swing accessory!

    Combining both a mount and an output arm, one which is concentrically supported 180°from the output, this may be one of the most time saving accessories ever created in the motion control world.

    So is 'this' the best way to put this servo into harness? Well, as a wise wag once observed . . . it depends! While beam mounts and a set of wheels give you a great way to grab the output of the drive unit, using a Cross Beam Swing gives you a head start on production because it bolts together accurately and offers you a quad radial-bearing supported mount upon which your team is immediately ready to install the load . . . easy peasy!