ProModeler warranty is 1-year parts and labor against defects in materials and workmanship.

Basically, we want you to be satisfied - but - just like we also want world peace and don't get it, sometimes folks aren't happy with us when a product breaks. We view this as an opportunity to make things right between us.

This is our warranty in plain English; we're not responsible for how you use the product, product warranty is based on our best judgement of whether what broke is our fault. Let's run through a few examples using the question and answer format based on real world queries so if you don't like how we've respond to others, then you won't buy our product and if you already have, and it's still new, then return it for refund of your purchase because nobody is forcing you to use our product, nor has control over how you use our product except you, and you alone.

One year, does this mean anything goes?
Nope, for example, if you crash and break the gear train, we won't warranty the gears. Why not? Simple, it's because we're not stupid. Nothing is unbreakable. That, and folks would view it as a challenge if we made such a silly statement - be almost like waving a red flag before a bull, take our meaning?

Q2. The website says a servo is suitable for my model but it broke in a crash. Is this covered by warranty?

A2. Nope, because our opinion is just that, an opinion. Yes, it's been freely given, and yes, it's our best opinion (at the time), but ultimately, the responsible party for whether a servo is suitable for the intended use is you, and you, alone. Please remember these two important things about opinions;

  1. They are like belly buttons in that everybody has one.
  2. They may change with new information.

. . . so the bottom line is; depend on 'your' judgement before deciding what product to use!

Q3. Is the warranty repair process difficult to begin?
Nope, we make obtaining warranty repair as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Obtain an RMA (acts like a serial number while it's back in the facility).
  2. Return to this address;
    RMA #
    2255 Pine Way
    Sanford, FL 32773
  3. Include your contact details with a note explaining what happened, what product you're returning, and what you'd like for us to do. E.g. apply the warranty, or call you before repair to explain your alternatives, or authorize in advance a repair that's not covered by warranty. Then we'll call and get things going, easy peasy!

Q4. I received a servo and it's not really what I want, how long do I have to return it?

A4. That's covered in the Shipping and Returns section of the website.

Q5. Who decides what is covered by warranty?

A5. We do.

Q6. Who pays for return shipping?

A6. You do - and for the same reason TANSTAAFL became a saying (there ain't no such thing as a free lunch).

Q7. You've repair my servo, it wasn't covered by warranty so I paid, and it works fine once again but I'm still unhappy and just want my money back.

A7. If it's not working, just return the servo once again using the prior RMA and we will try our utmost to help you but look, while our goal is to make you happy, a repair that wasn't covered by warranty has already been judged to be your fault, not ours and thus;

  1. You agreed it wasn't warranty.
  2. You made advance payment for the repair.
  3. We effected the repair and returned your servo.

. . . also, to help with everybody being on the same page, scenarios under which products are eligible for refund are covered in the Shipping and Returns section of the website. Basically, your repaired servo is not eligible for refund.

Q8. I crashed my model and the servos seem fine but I'm unsure. May I send them in to be inspected?

A8. Yes, absolutely! And there's no charge except for return postage because we want you to be happy and confident another set of eyeballs has been cast upon them before returning your servo(s) to service. That said, fair is fair, and we're giving you our best opinion - but - at the same time, we make absolutely no guarantee they won't crap out immediately after you get them back. By this meaning you acknowledge we're doing you a favor in looking them over for free and we're not opening the door to any responsibility for them. None whatsoever. Basically, we're trying to help you as best we can but we're not going on the hook, either

Q9. I accidentally connected a 3S battery with my 8.4V servos. I realized it in time because they're still working but I'd like the electronics inspected and replaced. Will this be covered by warranty?

A9. Nope. The servos are rated from 5-8.4V so your 3S pack exposed the guts to 11V, which is far outside the rated-voltage range. That the electronics didn't immediately go poof may seem like a stroke of good luck - but - our best advice is to return them for repair. Basically, this involves replacing the hot section, e.g. the electronics inside. And it's on your nickle, not ours. Let me be clear, this is not a warranty repair. So why return them if they're working? Simply because we don't know what component may be about to fail. Remember, servos are rated for a certain voltage range because of the rating of internal components used. Exceeding the input voltage range exposes the servo to immediate failure - or - a failure that takes time to develop. This means using them without repair posses a certain risk, one which we advise you not take. That said, all we can do is offer you our best judgement/opinion that you should return them for repair even if they seem fine, but because they're your servos, the decision is yours. Good luck.

Q10. You recommended a servo for my 1/8th scale basher and it broke when I crashed. I hold you responsible! I want my money back because you later told me of another servo you have that's stronger and better suited for bashing and the one I bought first was better for crawling or even airplanes.

A10. Nope, we won't refund you under these circumstances. Why not? Simple, because but there's no such thing as a crawling-servo or an airplane-servo, distinct from a bashing-servo, because servos don't know in what they're being installed. Product installation and use is on you. Ultimately, it's a judgement call on your part regarding how much servo you need and how you use it. Nothing is unbreakable and only God is perfect. Depend on your judgement, not ours or anybody else's.

Q11. Is that it, is this all there is to ProModeler product warranty information?

A11. Nope, click this link to the ProModeler legalize version.