Shipping Policy

Shipping is pretty simple; it means delivering your stuff with alacrity. It's not built into product prices, e.g. included, because this would mean walk-in customers would be subsidizing mail order (hardly fair). Since there's no such thing as a free lunch, then the quicker you want your stuff, or the further away you are, the more it costs. Optional services include insurance and signature confirmation; this is their fee schedule;

  • insurance - $2 for the first $100, and $1.50 for each additional $100.
  • Signature confirmation is $4, while adult-signature is $7.

Unfortunately, our shopping cart provide doesn't automate this for you (like check boxes where you instruct us to add the service and automatically updates the shipping) so you must add it to the purchase manually. Yes, we're investigating another cart-provider - but - in fairness, we're giving time for our long time service-provider to update their cart software before we jump ship to another.

Anyway, most folks are happy enough with USPS (United States Post Office) but the well heeled may request SDS (Specialized Delivery Service).

The USPS truck runs noon-ish so orders placed before 11:00 AM may get processed and shipped the same day. No promises as we may be backed up processing orders (happens often on Monday as weekend orders have accumulated). USPS service choices include 1st Class, Priority, and Express.

The SDS service is tailored for souls best described as 'comfortable'. We offer three levels of service to include Commercial, Private, and Orbital.

  • Commercial - usually via Southwest - best to large cities.
  • Private - via small aircraft - best for out of the way places.
  • Orbital - via SpaceX - best for the very well heeled.

Orbital, especially, is a great value for clients who don't blink at Mr. Musk's fee schedule beginning at $50M. What, you think we're in Central-Florida for January's 70°F instead of the proximity to the Kennedy Launch Center? Kindly ignore scurrilous rumors regarding winter warmth and convenient access to the House of Mouse as factors in our decision to locate here. Anyway, please note; SDS does not include a gratuity.

Return Policy

Call 407-302-3361 for an RMA number because we can't accept returns without this. Also, please insure the package against loss. Our address is;

2255 Pine Way
Sanford, FL 32773

Basically, we want you to be satisfied. The way it works is; returns for refund are inspected upon arrival. Let's run through some common examples.

Say you're returning a pack of servo arms you simply changed your mind about. No problem, a visual once over is usually enough, and the product is returned to the bin, our stock inventory is adjusted, and you'll be refunded the entire purchase price of the merchandise (you'll see it on your next billing cycle). However, more complex items may result in a restocking fee.

For example, a helicopter has many, many parts and before we can offer it again as brand new, the whole thing needs to be checked out thoroughly. How? By using the same component-list as when it was originally packaged. This, to ensure nothing is missing or damaged. As you might suppose, this means we have to open and inspect every bag and every item. For going to the trouble, you're billed an hour (shop rate is $80) plus missing components.

Another example involves servos, which beyond a cosmetic once over and eyeballing the hardware has been returned involves reinstalled it within the testing rig (this, to ensure it's still performing like new). This results in a 1/4-hour charge.

The point of processing a return is we understand you want your money back because you've changed your mind - and we're OK with it - but we bear the responsibility of ensuring the next guy doesn't get something that's not 100% up to snuff, so this brings us to the next section, refurbishing expense, which is borne by you . . . capice?

Another example; once again involving servos. We'll issue a refund for brand new servos if returned in new condition, e.g. within their display box and with their complete hardware package, for up to a month because this gives you enough time to review your purchase and ensure you're happy. However, if you install the servo(s) and start using it, a refund is tricky because they're now used servos. A refund is then at our discretion and may likely involve refurbishing the servo to like-new condition. This, so it may be put back on the shelf. Typically this involves a new set of gears (plus 1/4-hour of labor), maybe even a case if you've damaged it cosmetically, plus charges for anything missing, like the hardware pack and maybe even the display box. Honestly, this can easily eat up a lot of the expected refund and thus, it isn't usually economic - but - we're sometimes OK with it because we're trying our best to work with you.

And finally, where are we not so cooperative? A special order in as example, typically a B2B versus B2C sales. One where we have to put ourselves out for you in some special for you, perhaps a volume order. Basically, once we agree to the terms and you pay, it's binding, most especially if you want some hundreds or thousands of a product.