• Mechanical retracts
  • Sliding canopy mechanism
  • Robotics
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    This low profile mini-class is special. Within the mini footprint (36mm x 16mm), when your model won't accept a standard class 180° servo due to height constraints, this is low profile mini is the servo you want. Based on our fabulous DS355CLHV, you get the same all-steel gear train, but a different potentiometer design so it may transit 180°to actuate mechanical retracts, sliding canopy mechanisms, or for robotic applications.

    Please review our DS355CLHV servo to learn more about how this one is made. And note; clicking the link opens a new tab in your browser so you don't lose your place on this page.

    Futaba S3170G mini-class low-profile 180° servo rated at 118oz-in. This is an old-school analog servo for 5V avionics and these days is considered a dated design. We believe this is complete superseded by the DS335CLHV-180° (in our opinion). Of course, we should think this but what matters is your opinion. We humbly offer this as a modern day alternative.