Brushless motors result in the ne plus ultra of servos within the ProModeler range

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120oz-in, Std, 760us
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ProModeler Item #: DS120BLHV -

Crafted expressly for tail rotor applications (760µs/560Hz) where high performance is required in a standard-size package, this may be the perfect tail rotor servo for your Goblin 630, Pantera P6, T-Rex 600, or any 700-class model. These are the highlights; 1. Features a brushless motor. Electronic commutation means there's no excess heat and 5X longer life because electrons don't wear out. 2. To reduce weight we created a composite case. Instead of a simple extrusion, we CNC-machined the...

630oz-in, Std, BLS ProModeler makes the best servos for giant scale crawling X-MAXX
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ProModeler Item #: DS630BLHV -

Bottom line? This is the strongest most bad ass servo we know how to make. Period. What goes into this servo includes 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, 35NiCrMo16 steel gears, SAE 660 bronze bushings, ABEC-9 bearings, BUNA-N o-rings, DIN-912 18-8 stainless socket cap screws, brushless motor, million-cycle potentiometer, gold-plated connectors, surface-mount components, plus a conformal coating. But what you can't see or measure is an intangible because you also get our best effort and dedication -...