• Superb IMAC servo to 30%
  • Not recommended for X-MAXX
  • Great 3D servo to 25%
  • Rocking robotics servo
  • Sweet for hydros
  • Good deal for 1/8th bashing
  • Great for 1/10 crawling
  • Not recommended for BEC use
Price: $99.99

    Item #: DS505BLHV
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    The DS505BLHV servo is the latest iteration of our most popular servo ever!

    This all-alloy standard-size servo is equipped with a brushless motor and has an all-steel gear train. It's not only strong, but fast and we've made thousands upon thousands of them. This is a superb all around servo. Maybe the best bang for your buck in the whole world . . . at any price. Yes, those are big words, but here's why.

    Initially introduced in 2012 as the S74420BLHV, before the year was out we figure how to improve. How? By changing from all-metal gears to all-steel. Rechristened the S420BLHV, two years go by and we refined the design by reinforcing the alloy case with bronze inserts (where the steel gear shafts fit) leading another name change, the DS420BLHV.

    Do you know how a Porsche 911 from 2009 and 2019 are recognizably the same car? This, despite a decade between them! Yet if you park them side by side they are 'totally' different cars, right? This is because Porsche engineering evolves their designs (little known fact, the first one hit the market in 1963).

    So basically, ProModeler have the same engineering philosophy as Porsche because we're doing the same thing. We introduce iterative improvements to our original 420oz-in servo. And just as Porsche 911 had a 2.7L engine, then a 3.3L, then back down to 3.2L displacement, we also use different servo motors. And always with the same goal, to make a better servo!

    This brings us to the next step in the DS420BLHV evolution, the availability of a more powerful motor, leading to our introducing the DS470BLHV. Basically the same servo, ever evolving like Porsche does their 911 supercar, (even the same price, $100, which Porsche doesn't do).

    Then our motor vendor approaches us about another motor. This leads to a further evolution as the servo becomes the DS555BLHV. So now we have a further advancement as this servo has become the DS505BLHV? Less torque? Yes, but a better motor meant the tradeoff was worth it in the eyes of engineering. What makes it better is about math, and beyond the scope of this description but just as Porsche engine displacement has varied up and down, torque output for this servo has now also gone up, up, up and now down. Bottom line? better servo. Best it's ever been.

    Where can you use it? A lot of places. Pretty much any 3D airplane to mid-size, call it 96" with a DA100. IMAC models to 104" with a DA120. Obviously, even a 40-size trainer since the physical dimensions are standard size even though the price of a single servo approaches the price of the whole airplane, but who knows, maybe the fellow has plans to build a big ass gasser once he learns to fly. Not our business.

    Where else? Pretty much any helicopter in existence that uses a standard size servo - 600-class, larger 700-class, and even 800-class are going to be perfectly served by this servo.

    Surface use, both land and sea. On the water, this is an outstanding servo for big hydro models for steering at 80mph. Surface use includes any 1/8-scale racing buggy, crawlers like a TRX4, etc.

    The obvious comparison is the popular on Amazon, Savox SB-2290SG, which outputs a shade under 700oz-in, transits at 0.135sec/60° and goes for $140. While ours is $50 more expensive, it's also 40% more powerful and 20% faster, which seems fair. But ours is built like a brick shit house and cheapest is never the best, right? So let's eyeball what's hidden from view when decide if value is what actually makes ProModeler worth more.