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Servo, DS135BLHV
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DS135BLHV under construction DS135BLHV - 135oz-in - 0.026sec/60°

Servo, DS505BLHV ProModeler makes the best servos for giant scale crawling X-MAXX
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The DS505BLHV servo is the latest iteration of our most popular servo ever! This all-alloy standard-size servo is equipped with a brushless motor and has an all-steel gear train. It's not only strong, but fast and we've made thousands upon thousands of them. This is a superb all around servo. Maybe the best bang for your buck in the whole world . . . at any price. Yes, those are big words, but here's why. Initially introduced in 2012 as the S74420BLHV, before the year was out we figure how to...

Servo, DS630BLHV ProModeler makes the best servos for giant scale crawling X-MAXX
Price: $119.99
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Bottom line? This is one bad ass servo we're making here. Period. Unbreakable? No, we'll never say that because we're not stupid. However, it's a very tough to beat servo in the +600oz-in class because beyond the best materials and design, we nail the price point, also. Feel free to look around because we're not shying away from anybody's product. Not even at this price point because we think this DS630 is the best in class your money can buy. Period! Read on to see if the DS630 fills your...

Servo, DS905BLWR Best dual shaft servo motor for drone, robotic, tilt, Pixhawk, Freeman 2100, VTOL, Makeflyeasy, Hero, UAV Mapping, FPV, Aircraft, RC, Airplane, TOLAKO, LD-220MG, AR-1202, LDX-218
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When mission value dictates a move away from inexpensively made imported tilt servos simply because failure poses too much business risk, turn with confidence to ProModeler for military grade dual shaft servos. The DS905BLWR is precise, smooth in operation, and powerful - outputting 905oz-in (65Kg-cm).  Rugged construction featuring a tough all-steel gear-train, this tilt servo is housed in a high precision all-alloy case CNC-machined of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. And for greatest service...

Servo, DS930BLHV ProModeler makes the best servos for giant scale crawling X-MAXX
Price: $139.99
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Bottom line? It's bad ass but not unbreakable? We say this to cover our ass with car/truck guys whine like little kids having a bad day when their 40mph rigs hits a root or fence post and they think an expensive servo should have held up. Physics don't care and we're using the best possible materials so grow up. This puts you off our stuff, so be it. Don't know why but the airplane guys know not to whinge at us following a crash. So to reiterate, great servo but it's not unbreakable (just...