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    We call this thing a 4-tap because it literally lets you add another pair of Dupont discharge connectors to one of our batteries (total 4) via the XT30 discharge connector.

    - XT30 female close up reveals male pins - but - it's the housing that determines gender

    So why add an PEXD (XT30-DupontX2 power expander) to a ProModeler B2S-series LiIon battery pack in the first place? These packs range in capacity from 850-6000mAh and are a handy way to power something other than a receiver and servos - that's why!

    For example, with four places to pick off pack-voltage using the ubiquitous Dupont connector (the little black connector that has from 2-3 pins and is used to connect servos and batteries to receivers), well, this makes it easy to power other stuff like . . .

    • cooling fans
    • LEDs
    • winch

    Note: B4S-series packs output 14.8V at the Duponts instead of 7.4V . . . so heads up because if you connect this Dupont with 148V (one that ordinarily has 7.4V) to a servo or receiver then it's gonna go poof! And you're gonna be sad, and we're telling you up front to be careful, capcice? So just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something.

    - Intended to add 2 more 7.4V taps to the usual two, it can also pick off 14.8V - caution!

    • Length: 4" (120mm)
    • Weight: 6g
    • Current (max): 5A continuous
    • Conductor: stranded copper
    • Gauge: 20AWG
    • Jacket: silicone
    • Connectors: 5A-type (universal)
    • Material: ABS
    • Plating: gold