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    Since ProModeler batteries come with four connectors;

    • Balance connector, and
    • Two DuPont connectors (sometimes referred to as JR-connectors), plus a
    • XT30 connector

    . . . and you use the pair of 3.5A DuPont connectors to deliver 7A of no0-heat power to a recever through a pair of switches for redundancy (DuPont are the little black ones that look like the ones used for servos), plus a yellow 30 amp XT30 . . .

    - ProModeler packs are made with four connector, a balance, a pair of DuPont, and an XT30 connector

    So you take your battery pack, add this little XT30-2-JST onto the XT30 connector, and Bob's your uncle!

    - XT30-2-JST connected to the XT30 on a ProModeler battery pack

    Moreover, if you need to extend the JST even further, then we offer XT30-2-XT30 extensions in several lengths. This next photo shows one 20cm long (8 inches) but we have them out to 2m (+39 in) so you can conveniently use a 2S pack to power other JST-powered accessories like, for example;

    • retract controllers (electric retracts with controllers that also open and close gear doors), plus
    • LED lighting adapters, or
    • whatever you want that requires a JST power plug!

    - B2S2500 LiIon pack, with 20cm long (8in) XT30-2-XT30 extension (male on one end, and female on the other), and add the XT30-2-JST