Manuals, Software, and White Papers

OS 60L Carb

Troubleshooting the OS 60L Carb

OS Max 50SX-H

Troubleshooting times for OS Max 50SX-H.

Main Grip Thrust Bearings

CLICK HERE for a video on installing the main grip thrust bearings.

Tail Grip Thrust Bearings

CLICK HERE for instructions for installing thrust bearings in the tail grips.

Recommended Equipment List

Set-Up Tips

CLICK HERE for useful set-up tips.

ProModeler ESC -Software

This is the file you install on your Windows computer to view the data log files from your ProModeler Digital ESC.
  1. Click the link below to copy the compressed file to your computer.
  2. Uncompress the file.
  3. Afterward, run the executable file to install it (just double-click on it).
CLICK HERE - to download program for ProModeler ESC
Since we don't know if you're running Windws XP, Windows 7, etc. the default is the 32-bit driver (go to Control Panel > System if you don't know what you have). If your computer is running 64-bit Windows, while the 64-bit driver was copied into the c:\Program Files\ProModeler directory, it needs to be run manually. Just go to that directory and double-click the CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe file.

Tiger 50 Manuals

Tiger 50 (out of production 2006). We continue to offer spare parts and support.
The following manuals are available for download in pdf format.
  1. Tiger 50 Manual
  2. Mk II Addendum
  3. Registration Form

Model History: Tiger 50 > Tiger 50 Mk II > Pantera 50 > P6

CLICK HERE to learn more about the ongoing refinements, which led to the P6.
Pantera P6 manuals
These Pantera manuals are available for download in pdf format.
  1. Exploded Views (and part numbers)
  2. Assembly Manual