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    This Y-harness electrically joins two-signal and two-power leads into one DuPont lead via high strand count 20AWG wire. All wires come together forming the legs of a 'Y' and thus, current/signal flow is bi-directional.

    Practical use-cases of 1-into-2, or, 2-into-1 flow (bi-directional)

    1. The primary use of a Y-harness is joining a capacitor with a servo whenever an extension's longer than 30". Review the information within the Glitch Buster product description to learn more. This benefits the servo on a long extension like a spotter helping a weightlifter at a bench press - during a moment of great need!
    2. Secondary Y-harness use is when adding a capacitor to a receiver channel because all ports are in use.
    3. Tertiary use is similar, but for adding a battery lead to a receiver when all the servo channels are in use.
    4. What a Y-harness isn't for, is joining two servos to be controlled by one channel of the receiver.

    Thing is, No.4 is what everyone first thinks of when mentioning a Y-harness. But as a general rule, you actually should *never* join two servos together with a Y-harness. But because rules are meant to be broken, if you want to learn when you can get away with it, then review this article; Practical uses of a Y-harness

    Finally, please note; a Y-harness is almost never a good idea with high current draw servos. Learn more:

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    Good heavy duty Y-harness

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    I love these Y-harnesses because they are seriously heavy duty. They are great to use because they form a block instead of the old fashioned kind with 3-long wires you always have to tie up because they get in the way.