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    This fashionable black cloth mask features stretchy soft cloth-ear loops and is comfortable to wear for hours without a break because it's made of the same soft cotton material as a t-shirt or underwear. How good is it? Dunno, but we suspect it's better than nothing!

    - What's Maggie licking her chops have to do with masks? Read on!

    We've found the cloth ear-loops of our mask are easier on you than the elastic bands of other masks. And anything that makes mask wearing more comfortable is a plus, right?

    - Maggie in hog heaven worrying a ham bone is a light moment in our lives

    Good grief, why is Maggie featured in this description? Some vendors use sexy models to draw you in. We use Maggie!

    But beyond the fact she's giving a new meaning to hog-heaven in this photo, follow this link to learn more. Why? Simple, it's because this is where we explain about a safer and more comfortable way to wear a face mask for better protection.

    When filtration is serious business, double up your protection!

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    Austin, TX

    Great mask for daily use!

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    • Let me know if you find any cons
    Who’d have thought that a well thought through (breathable) mask would be found at a site primarily known for the ingenuity of their tech-powered servos!

    Additionally, I must say that the customer service is top-notch and you will be hard-pressed to find this level of care and detail poured into every aspect of their product. Every machined screw, bearing, grommet, brass bushing and aluminum part has a very (very) specific reason for being there. No redundancy, no substitutes, no compromises. If you are looking for a zero-tolerance servo, ProModeler is the answer.