• Ultra duty SINGLE-HORN servo arm
    • 25T = ø6 mm standard-spline
    • 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum
    • Threaded 3X, M3 at 15, 20, 25mm (nominal)
    • Mount - M3 Allen torque to 2.0 N-m
    • Cinch - M2.5 Allen torque to 1.5 N-m
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    Notice: failure to torque the cinch bolt to 1.5N-m may result in inadequate fit

    This ultra duty SINGLE-HORN aluminum servo arm is CNC-machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum, broached for the standard 25T spline, and threaded in 3X on 5mm centers for M3 linkage hardware.


    Fitted axially on a nominal 6mm diameter, 25T-spline shaft (lightly greased), secure axially with a stainless steel M3x6 socket cap (Allen) machine-thread bolt torqued to 2.0N-m. Then cinched radially with a stainless steel M2.5 socket cap (Allen) machine-thread bolt torqued to 1.5N-m.

    Disassembly is the reverse, e.g. first loosen cinch bolt, remove axial bolt, then remove arm.

    Mounting positions (M3 thread)

    • 15.4mm
    • 20.4mm
    • 25.4mm (1in)