• Traxxas SLEDGE
  • Ultra duty SINGLE-HORN servo arm
  • 15T = ø8 mm mega-spline
  • 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum
  • Threaded M3 at 16mm (nominal)
  • Mount - M3 Allen head bolt
  • Uses Traxxas 2742 ball
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    While this 15T forked horn directly fits a Traxxas SLEDGE, the stock Sledge link needs to use a Traxxas 2742 ball. Swing 16mm from center, this servo control horn is stout and will fit other applications where a dual supported ball link is desired.

    Install axially on the 15T splined shaft shaft (lightly greased, first), and secured with an M3 Allen-head machine-thread bolt. Then snug up the M2.5 cross bolt. Disassembly is the reverse, remove securing bolt.

    Note: Reuse stock Sledge steering linkage, just swap to Traxxas 2742 ball.

    Mounting positions (M3 thread)

    • 16mm on center


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