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    Made of heavy duty plastic (technically a fiber-filler engineering polymer like is found in 9mm handgun frames), this super tough servo horn is ideal for use in steering mechanism of RC trucks - suitable for servos up to 630oz-in.

    Dimensions: ø6mm, 25-spline (Futaba-compatible)

    • 1st bore: 15mm
    • 2nd bore: 20mm

    Nothing is unbreakable. Least of all a servo - ours or anybody's. Yet we see guys attempting to create an unbreakable truck by replacing plastic components with aluminum ones - and the first part they replace is usually the servo arm (and we offer them too because we figure if you're going to buy one anyway, you may as well get our best effort). Thing is, we don't use the aluminum servo arm ourselves - our advice is to ditch it in favor of these heavy duty plastic ones.

    The concept behind the design is similar to that of a fuse. Just like a fuse blows with too much current and saves the circuit, this servo arm breaks to save more expensive stuff. So think of it as a mechanical fuse! Is it a pain in the ass having to stop and replace the stupid plastic arm when it breaks? Yes, it is. Fortunately, it only takes a moment and you can bet it saved something else from breaking. Something harder to repair/replace (and more costly, too).

    Last thing; you have to select quantity before adding to cart, e.g. select qty 1, 5, or 25. And note; everybody starts with a bag of 5 and almost everybody reorders bags of 25. Anyway, yes they break - they're supposed to! Yes, you'll go through them like candy if you're hard on your equipment. And yes, this is aggravating compared to an aluminum arm. It's the nature of the beast, but it's better than sacrificing a servo or some pricey steering component.