On the value of double-filtration

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This fashionable black cloth mask, made of cotton t-shirt or underwear-like material, features stretchy soft cloth ear-loops and is comfortable to wear for hours without a break. You can't overestimate how much of a plus it is. However, it's unknown how well these function to protect you from such a tiny virus. For this reason, our advice regarding use is as an adjunct to a genuine N95 for protection.

Basically, one of ours holds the N95 in place giving you, effectively, double-filtration! Thing is, N95 masks are an in-demand item. This article is partly about how I salvaged some from the trash, and also how they ended up being more comfortable to wear. This is because our ProModeler mask use soft ear-loops to hold it in place. Read further for the low-down on what we did!

- Waste not, want not, or why my love of dumpster diving paid dividends!

I recently saved some N95 masks from the trash. What?!? These things are precious, why would someone toss some? Reason was the elastic straps had deteriorated (ozone does bad things to rubber materials over time). What's more, due to our Florida humidity, the staples securing the elastic bands had rusted, resulting in unsightly staining. Simply put, someone said they had to go. Dumb in my view but I was Johnny-on-the-spot to save them!

Being the incorrigible dumpster diver I am, I could no more leave them than Maggie could leave a ham bone had Lynn simply tossed one without first consulting her (this, by the way, is how the attractive Maggie came to be featured in our mask's product description instead of a naked girl). Since I knew I could salvage those N95 masks, I snagged them (and no, I'm not even a little bit sorry if it's considered theft as someone emailed to complain). What I'm going to show you may be of interest.

The molded white-filter material type-N95 masks (especially the ones, which have a small strip of foam at the bridge of the nose for added comfort) are a hot commodity during this pandemic. The ones I scored were tossed because the elastic loops had dry rotted. Since I'm loath to see something useful being thrown away, I snagged them, removed the rotted loops, and now use one of our masks to hold it in place! The added benefit is double-filtration . . . which I figure surely can't hurt!

- Our mask also secures and fits over the N95-type with an exhale-valve!

Worn this way, in addition to the added protection of the N95, it turns out to be way more comfortable. This is because the elastic loops provided with the typical N95 slip over your head while our cloth mask have soft comfortable cloth loops which slip over your ears, instead. Used this way, wearing an N95 is simply more comfortable. Added to which, I especially like how the bulge of the molded-type N95 keeps the cloth material from touching the tip of my nose! Plus, no two ways about it . . . ours mask looks waaaay better!

- Improves my looks, too, because only my wife says I'm a handsome devil.

Are two masks overkill? Dunno, but since we're not cats, how many lives do we get? In any case, we're not telling you what to do because you're a big boy so it's on you to decide! Bottom line? Wear a mask, don't . . . it's your business, but I'll close with this thought.

A seat belt’s not a guarantee in a car accident, folks who never smoked sometimes get lung cancer, and how many helmet wearing kids are hurt riding bikes? Facts are, no safety precaution is 100% effective and for us, COVID19 is personal because Lynn's cousin Donna bought into the idea it was no worse than the flu and refused to wear a mask. Sadly, in July 2020 she caught it, was hospitalized, then transferred to the ICU where she was intubated and died 3 days later, August 2nd . . . totally isolated from family. Tragically, cousin Kathy, also passed of COVID19 on February 27th, 2021 leaving further sorrow.

Deaths due to COVID19 are real, and while this mask may not help, please wear it in good health . . . and may God bless you, and yours. Next, we show you a way to extend the useful like of a mask. Click the link to check it out!

A quick and easy low buck-way to extend a mask's service life!

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