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    This 4" long servo extension,weighs 4g and terminates with male and female ABS plastic 5A-type universal radio connectors with crimped gold-plated metal pins on 0.10" centers.
    • Length: 4"
    • Weight: 6g
    • Current (max): 5A continuous
    • Conductor: stranded copper
    • Gauge: 22AWG
    • Jacket: silicone
    • Connectors: 5A-type (0.10" pin spacing)
    • Plug Material: ABS
    • Plating: gold

    There are experienced modelers who prefer to eliminate connectors and make up their own extensions. They'll whip out a roll of bulk wire, a crimping tool and connectors (plus solder, an iron, and heat shrink tubing). They'll skillfully make extensions customized to their model in a matter of an afternoon. They'll have fun, gain satisfaction of a job well done, maybe save a little money, and it's called modeling for a reason!

    Yes, ditching the extra connectors reduces resistance a tiny bit. Eliminating a few inches of wire here and there also adds up to less resistance. Can you measure it when the job is done? In theory, yes. In practice, it's reasonable to wonder; are there pilots who can feel the difference the slight reduction in resistance delivers? Perhaps amongst those who have been gifted by God himself are some who will say yes (maybe). As for the rest of us (mere mortals), only you know if you're in this class but we're reminded of what Callahan said as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force

    "A man's got to know his limitations."

    The point is, it's our opinion the exercise of minimizing connections and optimizing wire length is akin to mental masturbation. Why? If for no other reason than because in their quest to do the best possible installation (by soldering and manually crimping the connectors) there's added human error at each crimp and solder joint. And as we all know, only God is perfect. Anyway, we confidently offer these heavy duty 20AWG extensions as a quick and easy solution for placing a servo remotely with greatly reduced effort.