• 12 decals in various sizes
  • Largest is 2.5 inches
  • Smallest is 0.375 inches (3/8")
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    Q. Bit of a noob question but can anyone give me info how to apply the above graphics correctly?

    A. Easy, spritz the surface with Windex, 409, or soapy water (couple drops of Dawn into a $15 garden center type 1-pt pump sprayer, or $1 store spray-bottle - depends). Next, trim if necessary, then apply graphics by floating them into place using the soapy/cleaner liquid forming a bearing surface. yes, the liquid will support the sticker (and you install decals the same way) as you position it.The liquid bears the weight the exact same way engine-oil bears the weight of the compression forces between big end of the rod and the crank throw).

    Anyway, just be careful not to press down anywhere (such that the two surfaces make contact) and you can literally float the graphic into it's exact position. Then just figure out where to best press down to rub the liquid out evenly from beneath without distorting the underlying graphics-material. This is usually the center somewhere - depends - but it's not hard to do it because your intuition will take over. It's an easy job that provides satisfaction far out of proportion to the difficulty. We like doing it, you will too!

    Anyway, the idea is to squeegee the graphic down fully using either a real squeegee (or a credit card in a pinch) or just your fingertips for small graphics - again, it depends. Finally, finish by rubbing down evenly once again, but this time with pressure from your forefinger tip through a soft cotton cloth (t-shirt or diaper) to avoid scratching the graphic/decal (some are soft and scratch easily), soft cotton cloth avoids the issue).And note; this works for vinyl graphics from a sign shop also.

    The set aside for a day if there's any chance it'll be disturbed to fully dry or put it into service (your call but it takes less time to do than the time this took to describe).