External BEC

Made in America

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    Item #: CC010-0004-01
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    This is a stand-alone BEC. It's rated at 20A but read the fine print because the output depends on the input voltage and external temperature. We're not slamming a product we sell, just wanting to inform you before you pony up for it and then are disappointed.

    In theory this puppy is good for 20A. And it gives you two power connections to the receiver (like with our dual-connection battery packs, each is rated at 5A so in the real world, figure on getting 10A into the receiver).

    Honestly, it's the best on the market - else we won't sell it. But if you ask our 'opinion' then we're going to advise you to use a dedicated battery pack, instead. Why? It's to do with how synthetic juice looks on an oscilloscope. This is a technical kind of thing informing us. Few folks involved in the sport are super savvy about these things. The manufacturer is going to promote it as the best thing since sliced bread. Us? We have a more nuanced view.Click this link to learn a little bit more about it.

    The case against synthetic voltage

    Finally, why do we offer this is we don't like using them? Simple, because we're here to serve you whether we like what you're doing, or not. Duh!

    Add to it, servos don't care as long as there is enough current. Point being, we don't really have a dog in the hunt. So why this expensive one instead of a less costly Asian import? Simple, it's because we get a spec sheet I feel we can trust and because it's Made in America (so we're keeping it in the family so to speak).