When's the next super special sale?

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Q. When is your next super special sale coming?
A. Sorry, but we don't have time to play pricing games.

As for why not, it's because of our deliberate strategy of making our best offer from the very beginning, when we calculate our costs for each item. In part this has to do with being an engineering driven company instead of one where beancounters and marketing types rule the roost. But in part it's because we feel it's dishonest to play these games.

You know the drill, supposedly good deals come available for certain days, like a Christmas Sale, Thanksgiving Day Sale, 4th of July Sale, Valentine's Day Sale, yada, yada, yada. However, our business-philosophy is it's better to deliver our best price all the time and leave the games to others.

And honestly, this is less trouble for us because we don't have to mess around with the time it takes inventing pricing to attract customers. For example, look closely at the photo used for this article. See what's going on with that supposed special deal? And note; this is a real example of the marketing gamesmanship playing out between vendors and customers. One where they raise prices ahead of a certain date only to lower them again, just to create the illusion of a special deal for the gullible.

That's it! This is all the marketing department creating a fantasy for simple-minded consumers who believe product costs change based on certain magical days. Well, if that's what you want we're sorry but we're busy creating our product. Far too busy to screw around with people. So if you actually want that kind of business dealings, then please go elsewhere because we're not the right fit for you.

Honestly, we feel this form of marketing is nothing but bullshit. It's why we calculate closely what our costs are, account for a fair margin, and set the price allowing for the fact we must make sufficient profit to remain in business. So we make you our best price from the very beginning. And isn't this better for you because there's never the fear of buying only to see a better price 2-weeks later . . . don't you HATE that?

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