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    Some modelers think outside the box. These are the guys who look at the incredible performance of the new breed of mini-class servo and think, "Wow, that's better than many standard size servos, what if I used these instead and saved weight?" Well now you can by using this mini-2-standard adapter, which is CNC-machined of aircraft aluminum for the purpose of installing a mini-size servo in the place of a standard-size servo.

    Making it convenient to fit minis into planes designed for standard size servos is one thing, making the whole package light is another. This adapter only weighs 3g and is super strong because it's been milled from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Moreover, because those serious about weight count grams, we supply it with aluminum hardware! Just note one thing, there's a price to the utmost weight savings and if you're installing mini-class servos into a harsh vibration environment, then consider swapping out the aluminum screws for stronger ones made of steel, instead.

    Package contents:

    • 1) Adapter (6061-T6)
    • 4) #2x1/2" Phillips head wood screws (7075-T6)
    • 4) M2x10 Allen head machine-bolts (7075-T6)
    • 4) M2 washer (7075-T6)

    Steel Allen head M2 bolts (4 per pack):

    ProTip: If you pre-drill the mounting holes of your model and then try to thread the #2x1/2 Phillips mounting screws directly into the wood you'll most likely break the head clean off because the aluminum is quite soft. The trick is to first use an ordinary steel screw (from your junk bottle or hardware store) to form the threads within the wood mounting beam. Next, run the aluminum screw in and out a couple times to ensure the threads conform nicely, and finally, harden the now cleanly formed threads in the wood with a few drops of thin CA. Finally, after allowing time for this to kick off (dry), install your mount adapter with the aluminum screws. Of course, if the few grams saved by using aluminum isn't worth the bother, then use steel screws and call it done! We only supply the aluminum screws for those genuinely freaked by a single excess gram of weight. Aluminum hardware is expensive and fragile but going the extra mile is what separates the pros amongst us.