Mount/arm combination, 25T, Cross Beam Swing, DS905BLWR

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    Cross beam swing is used with the DS905BLWR servo in motion control applications.

    Cross Beam Swing

    Conceptually simple, beams and wheels sets are the foundation of making tricky adaptations. But what if you need to pivot and load, both? Enter the Cross Beam Swing accessory!

    Combining both a mount and an output arm, one which is concentrically supported 180°from the output, this may be one of the most time saving accessories ever created in the motion control world.

    So is 'this' the best way to put this servo into harness? Well, as a wise wag once observed . . . it depends! While beam mounts and a set of wheels give you a great way to grab the output of the drive unit, from there you're on your own.

    However, using a Cross Beam Swing, this gives you a head start on production because it bolts together accurately and offers you a quad radial-bearing supported mount upon which the team is immediately ready to install the load . . . easy peasy!