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    NOTE: this servo arm fits our DS115CLHV wing servo, which has a 5mm spline instead of the usual 6mm diameter 25T Futaba compatible spline (as used by most of our servos except the big ass 1/5th class servos, which use our even larger 8mm spline). The spline pattern for this arm is tiny so unless you want the hassle of a return to contend with, don't buy them . . . capice?

    This polished aluminum servo arm is red anodized and laser etched after being CNC-machined from a solid billet of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. Broached to fit 25T micro-spline ProModeler servos, this arm is perfect for heavy duty applications whenever you need a lot of throw. Features a cinching mechanism with M2 Allen head machine-bolt to help secure the servo arm to the splines (for extreme flight loads). Drilled and tapped for M2 threads. The part number describes it mechanically as the diameter from center for the mounting positions is 23-32mm and since it's a double-horn servo arm this means 46-64mm across.

    Dimensions: 25-spline (micro-size - 5mm vs. 6mm)

    • 1st hole: 23mm from center (46mm hole-to-hole)
    • 2nd hole: 26mm from center (52mm hole-to-hole)
    • 3rd hole: 29mm from center (58mm hole-to-hole)
    • 4th hole: 32mm from center (64mm hole to hole)