• Fully Threaded
  • M3x5.5mm
  • Drive Size 2 mm
  • Grade 10.9
  • Thread Fit Class 6g
  • Hardness Rockwell C32
  • Tensile Strength 140,000 psi
  • Specification ISO 7380
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    Supplied 2 in a pack, click the pull down menu for quantities of 25, 100, 1000.

    These are the best screws available for securing the servo-arm to the splined output-shaft of metal gear servos because they're Made in the USA of high strength grade 10.9 alloy steel and have a blue patch of thread-locker preapplied (for vibration resistance).

    Competitors and experienced customers alike know ProModeler include the industry's best servo mounting-screws (#2x3/4" Allen head - https://www.promodeler.com/PDRS020). Are you surprised ProModeler go the extra mile with the servo-arm screws, also? After all, securing the servo-arm to the splined output-shaft is - quite literally - job one for ensuring the mechanical integrity between the servo arm and servo, right? Moreover, if there's a risk of a screw backing out due to vibration, then screws with thread-locker pre-applied are better (if for no other reason than because we're human and can get preoccupied with other things). So at last, gone are the days of losing a model - perhaps because you forgot to add a dab of thread locker before tightening the servo arm screw! Convenient to have on hand (in case you drop one and lose it), add a pack to your cart now before you forget.

    Also, because this M3-thread is the industry-standard for standard and mini-size metal-gear servos, bulk packs make upgrading the typical Phillips-head screws supplied with your existing inventory of servos, easy. They're perfect for the following metal gear servos, which also call for servo-arm screws with M3 threads:

    • Airtronic
    • Futaba
    • Hitec
    • JR
    • KO Propo
    • MKS
    • Savox