• 20T Precision Gear
  • 32 Pitch
  • 20° Pressure Angle
  • 6.35mm wide (0.250 in)
  • 25T = ø6 mm ISO spline
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Mount - M3 Allen head bolt
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    This precision ProModeler Gear Wheel has 20-teeth and fits all ProModeler servos equipped with a 25T ø6 mm spline shaft - to include sub-micro, micro, mini, and standard-size DL-series, BLS0, and BLS1 servos, plus compatibles from our quality competitors like Futaba, Savox, MKS, et al.

    Fabricated of 303 stainless steel, this 6.35mm wide (0.250 in) precision-grade gear wheel (20° pressure angle) is both stronger and longer lasting than standard-grade brass gears. The gear begins life as a solid billet of 303 stainless after which, it is hobbed to 32P (compatible with MOD 0.8 and easier to find). Once the involute shape is completed, the next step sees each gear CNC machined to finish length and profiled to final specification. Then the gears are broached to the 25T ISO spline and finally, they go out to be laser engraved. What results is an absolutely gorgeous austenitic gear (non-magnetic) that's both light (6g) and strong whilst at the same time delivering long lasting and greatly enhanced wear characteristics.

    Note1: a gear wheel implies either a rack or another gear for power transmission. Our favorite supplier when tinkering (because they have a great stock of high precision 303, standard grade brass, as well as Acetal and Delrin gears) is an outfit called SDP-SI (Stock Drive Products). Alternatives suppliers include Motion Industries, MSC, McMaster, et al. but because 32P is so widely used, 1/4" wide spur gears are common as dirt and super easy to source even from hobby shops, eBay, and more. Seriously, the sky is the limit in terms of motion transfer using our gear wheels.

    Note2: When we say MOD 0.8 is compatible with 32P, this isn't theory because in practice 32-pitch and MOD 0.8 are pretty much the same thing *and* may be used interchangeably. Yes, technically Mod 0.8 is actually 31.75P, and conversely, 32P is Mod 0.7938 (modules are equal to the pitch diameter divided by the number of teeth in the gear, and are measured in millimeters). Meanwhile, with diametrical pitches, the pitch diameter is measured in inches.

    So in the grand scheme of things (meaning at the sizes we're dealing with and in the real world), between 32P and MOD 0.8, it's a difference that makes no difference. Point being, it wouldn't slow me down in the slightest bit to use MOD 0.8 instead of 32P if that's the perfect gear for my application, catch my drift?