• Current: 200A continuous (230A burst)
  • LiPo Cells: 4-12S (51V)
  • BEC: none (optical coupling)
  • Logged data; Amp, Volt, Temp, Throttle, and RPM
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    Programming this ESC is a matter of using conventional beep codes just like usual (e.g. based on the throttle stick position of your transmitter). However, if you're computer savvy and have access to an old Windows XP computer, then we have software that will let you download data based on time, like at 2 minutes, you can see what the current draw was, the pack voltage, motor RPM, and ESC temperature, as well as the throttle stick % at that instant. The point being you could go back and watch a video of your flight and pause it and then go look at the data to see what was going on. Sound neat? Imagine what you could learn! Naturally, this can be especially handy when you're selecting a prop, or if you fly helicopters, when setting the pitch or changing the gearing. This can even help when you're evaluating the condition of the LiPo pack.

    • Current: 200A continuous, 230A burst
    • Battery leads: 16AWG
    • LiPo pack: 4-12 cells
    • BEC: none (Optical Coupling)
    • Motor leads: 16AWG
    • Size: 127 x 60 x 39mm
    • Weight: 294g
    • Throttle range: 640μs
    • Motor start: standard/soft/hard
    • Low Voltage cutoff: 12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0/24.0/27.0/30.0/33.0/36.0V
    • Current limiting sensitivity: standard/high/low/disabled
    • Brake: none/soft/hard
    • PWM: 8/12/16KHz
    • Timing: auto/low/mid/high
    • Cutoff: hard/soft
    • Governor mode: auto/low/high