At last, a stand engineered to accept both fuselages and wings!

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    The crew at ProModeler have created a super versatile model airplane stand for workshops everywhere! Use it to cradle fuselages while charging, during servo installation, or linkage adjustment. Sufficiently compact to fit on a countertop at 19 inches long by 13 inches high, the 11" overall width features a v-shaped saddle. The saddle features an angled relief with a beam of 4" and depth of 7 inches.

    Basically, the model's fuselage or hull sets at a comfortable working height and the super soft molded silicone saddles are both grabby and supportive while gently padding the surface nicely while resisting sliding. Strong too, because the assembly is easily supports models components ranging up into the area of 35 pounds!

    Handy too, because in addition to securing boat hulls, you can use it to support wings. Now, instead of risking a gouge in the surface from and errant piece of hardware laying out on the workbench surface, or  hardened glob of glue, by supporting the wing surface upon the protective silicone pads you better protects your wing surface whilst bringing the wing into easy and comfortable working height.

    Injected molded from tough fiber-reinforced engineering plastic, complete with a custom molded silicone saddle, this stand accepts both fuselages and wings!

    - Securely holds a fuselage or wing and the silicone saddles won't mar the finish!

    Ever lay a wing on your workbench only to dent the top because of a small glob of hardened epoxy you hadn't noticed on the workbench surface? This happened one time too many to us here at ProModeler, which led to us sitting down with the computer to design the perfect airplane stand once and for all. Consequently, because of the unique wing control feature, you can stand a wing on edge and work on it withuot fear of marring the finish. This is especially useful if you are adjusting a flap linkage, or if you find yourself messing with the adjustment of the retractable landing gear of a scale model. The ProStand is unique in this versatility by holding either fuselages or wings.

    Securing a wing was a special design consideration. resulting in this unique model stand.

    - Securing a wing was a special design consideration, resulting in this unique model stand.

    Like you, we've used commercially available model stands made of foam, which easily break resulting in a damaged model. Consequnetly, we turned to fiber-reinforced engineering-plastic, the same stuff used in model helicopter side frames, engine mounts, and even the main frame of the Austrian Glock handgus. This is seriously tough and resilient stuff.

    "I don't mind telling you the first one were just to get you off the phone. But they sold quickly so I tried 6 more. Now I'm out of them again! A couple of guys bought more than one saying they're the best stand they've ever had in their shop. I'm convinced, so please send me a case of 10."

    - Mark Graves, Graves R/C, Orlando, FL 407-294-5699

    Larger models, like this scale model of the Ryan STA, fit nicely!

    - Larger models, like this scale model of the Ryan STA, fit nicely!

    Our ProStand has some other rather nifty features. For example, we made provisions for adjusting the length a little bit, which may be just what the doctor ordered for when a canopy is in the way.

    It's easy to make minor adjustments to the length to better fit yuour model.

    - It's easy to make minor adjustments to the length to better fit yuour model.

    But as usual, attention to details is what matters to folks. For example, unlike many stands on the market, which use sticky-back foam for the saddles (where the model fits), we tuned to a real engineering solution. By keying the saddle material to the frame it doesn't pull lose over the course of time, or from prolonged heat like when it sits inside a car. In short, we tooled up to mold a very, very soft and"grippy" silicone-rubber saddle . . . so grippy we think it puts a gecko's ability to walk up walls to shame! OK, maybe that's over the top, but this stuff is really pliable and securely holds your model without fear of marring the finish.

    Super soft, pliable silicone won't mar the finish, locks to the frame edge, and has more grip than gecko feet!

    - Super soft, pliable silicone won't mar the finish, locks to the frame edge, and has more grip than gecko feet!

    While it's a uniquely simple design, this stand is both sturdy and versatile. We use them all the time and believe you'll like it as well as we do. In fact, we often just leave our models inverted in the stand while waiting for the weekend because we can have it on charge plus it's easy to inspect for any hidden damage (like a servo rail breaking loose from a hard landing).

    Leave your model in the stand during the week for maintenance or charging!

    - Leave your model in the stand during the week for maintenance or charging!

    Design Standard

    • Fuselage
    • Wing
    • Hull


    • Engineering Polymer
    • Silicone Rubber


    • Length 17-19in
    • Width 11in
    • Beam4in 
    • Height 13in
    • Saddle 7in


    • Support fuselage, boat hull, wing: components to 35 lbs
    • Indefinite

    Assembly - slip crossbrace into upright, fist as hammer, one swift blow. Repeat, join crossbraces, adjust to length, secure hardware (Allen).

    • Warning - don't ease crossbrace into place because you'll break the tang!

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Great stand


    Perfect stand for my Edge and Extra for working in the shop, or setting up at the field. The non-slip black rubber surface is great for keeping the plane steady.



    Great stand for the money. Sturdy enough for my Pitts or Edge.

    Port Washington, NY

    Great Stand for Big and Small Planes!

    • Solid
    • Holds well
    • Good padding
    • Holds big and small planes
    • Can hold wings too
    • Need some glue to hold silicone pad
    • Needs some elbow grease to snap together
    This had become my go-to stand for pretty much all my plane work. The deep V-shape of the supports means that it gets a good grip on my planes, big and small, but can also hold a wing in place if I'm working on a servo setup or aileron adjustment. The silicone padding is very grippy and keeps the plane from slipping without leaving any marks or residue on the covering. Small and lightweight, but doesn't have a problem holding my Edge 75" (see photo). You may want to add a little glue to the silicone padding at the ends so that it won't come off.

    - Daniel Herron, Port Washington, NY


    Great airplane stand


    The ProModeler Airplane Stand works great holding my Dirty Birdy - both in the workshop and at the flying field. The cushioned silicone insert that fits on the stand holds the fuselage without the sliding around that happens with the other stands I have used in the past. Excellent stand!

    - Jon Weichbrodt, Kissimmee, FL