Approximately 2-hour long VHS videotape

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    00:07:30 New modelSPORT Dealers
    00:10:30 workBENCH

    Hangar 9"s ARF scale Fairchild PT-19, part 1

    00:16:00 CanGun, Ultra Stick

    00:18:00 PT-19 (continues)

    00:21:30 PT-19 Flight

    00:24:30 PT-19 (continues)

    00:39:00 World Models, Sullivan Products

    00:40:30 aboutENGINES

    Zenaoh G-23

    01:33:00 ROT8

    Hirobo Shuttle Challenge

    01:19:00 MHT, RCM
    01:20:00 hotSHOTS

    Pinnacle Float Fly, a giant-scale fly-in, airborne video - and more

    01:41:30 Scout Week 2000

    01:43:30 workBENCH

    DuBro Ball Drivers, Don Smith giant-scale B-17 under construction, Robart landing gear

    01:56:00 DuBro, modelSPORT

    01:57:00 newPRODUCTS
    Neat stuff!

    workBENCH: Interested in giant-scale models? Powered by a gas burning Zenoah G-23, Hangar 9's IMAA legal PT-19 has the hallmarks of being the perfect model for a transition to this demanding branch of the sport. Gasoline, kill switches, servo torque requirements - even their placement - are topics to bring you up to speed on giants. Our modifications to this ARF rendition of Fairchild's superb aircraft mean you can hone both the routines and the flying skills needed to safely participate in this aspect of the sport, while applying the tricks learned, as you work to build the giant-scale model you've always dreamed of!

    PT-19 in flight
    aboutENGINES: Zenoah's
    G-23 gasoline fueled miniature is both powerful and thrifty.
    Fuel savings alone will pay for it - and it sounds awesome

    ROT8: Getting into helicopters? We examine Hirobo's
    superb training model, the Shuttle Challenge!

    Shuttle Challenge
    hotSHOTS: Viewers send video
    of a float-fly, a giant-scale fly-in, even airborne video - and
    CRASHES too!

    workBENCH: We peek in the workshop of a master-modeler, view
    a 4-engine B-17 under construction, and tips on making fiberglass

    newPRODUCTS: We present some neat new stuff. Sirius'
    charger, CSD's S400RACE, the awesome Hitec
    HS-55 micro servos, & World Model's incredible
    Midget Mustang!