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    Power two steering servos directly and independently of the BEC with a dedicated 2S pack via an XT30 connector.

    Servos have 22AWG leads, the special harness is built with and has a pair of 20AWG leads (thicker) so that's the how for making more current available for it. So this harness is only for Traxxas owners running stock 6V rigs because otherwise, owners of Futaba, JR, KO Prop, etc. radio units accept the +8V of an HV pack directly without issue.

    • Length: 4" (120mm)
    • Weight: 6g
    • Current (max): 5A continuous
    • Conductor: stranded copper
    • Gauge: 20AWG
    • Jacket: silicone
    • Connectors: 5A-type (universal)
    • Material: ABS
    • Plating: gold