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    Power the steering servo directly and independently of the BEC with a dedicated 2S pack via a pair of Dupont connectors.

    Servos have 22AWG leads, the special harness is built with and has a pair of 20AWG leads (thicker) so that's the how for making more current available for it. So this harness is only for Traxxas owners running stock 6V rigs because otherwise, owners of Futaba, JR, KO Prop, etc. radio units accept the +8V of an HV pack directly without issue.

    As for how to actually put more power into the receiver, that's simple, it doesn't - and this is the point, we need to isolate 8V from ever getting to the stock Traxxas 6V-receiver so it doesn't go poof and release the magic smoke! Instead, both battery leads connect to the harness, the servo connects to the harness, and the remaining two wire leads (yellow/black) go to the receiver where the servo connected previously.

    This works because the receiver sends the signal to the servo through the yellow, and the black maintains a common plane for DC voltage to close the circuit, which the servo needs along with signal. Power is thus entirely divorced from the receiver and dedicated solely for the servo. A bonus is you get extended run times since the propulsion pack won't be also feeding the servos. A series II servo like the DS635/845/1155 are thirsty little buggers because it takes power to make power . . . meaning it doesn't come out of thin air, capice?

    All this because the stock ESC doesn't have the stones to power such a powerful servo. And even if it did (some aftermarket ESCs do have more powerful BEC-circuits), you wouldn't 'want' to feed your delicate control circuit from these sources because their current is noisy. Worse, if you blow up an ESC (yes, it happens) you don't risk also burning up your servo! Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, take my meaning?

    When paired with a 2S lithium pack

    • Battery - 2S LiIon 2000mAh - 17g - good for 5-6 runs between charges
    • Leads - length: 4" (120mm)
    • Weight: 6g
    • Current (max): 5A continuous
    • Conductor: stranded copper
    • Gauge: 20AWG
    • Jacket: silicone
    • Connectors: 5A-type (universal)
    • Material: ABS
    • Plating: gold