• Superb IMAC servo to 35%
  • Recommended for X-MAXX
  • Great 3D servo to 30%
  • Rocking robotics servo
  • Fast servo for heavy hydros
  • Great for 1/8th bashing
  • Fastest servo for 1/10 crawling
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    Item #: DS635BLHV
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    This is the ProModeler DS635BLHV servo. It's one of a series of three servos, this one, the DS635, plus the DS845 and DS1155 where the basic differences are the motors and gear ratios - otherwise they're like three peas in a pod!

    It's of a size and shape similar to other standard-size servos. It features conventional beam mounts, is designed to be installed with vibration isolating rubber mounts, sports a 25T spline output shaft, and has a brushless motor. It's equipped with steel gears, dual bearings, and is built within an bronze-reinforced all-alloy case. What's more, it meets three MIL-STDS . . . servos just don't get any better.

    Basic specifications

    • 635oz-in of torque
    • 0.04sec/60°

    There's nothing else as strong and fast the DS635 (not at any price). How's it match up to a well-regarded competitor like the Savox SB2290SG Monster? Theirs goes about 700oz-in and 0.13sec/60° . . . so it's a tad stronger but way the heck slower.

    And with regard to how the build qualities compare? Well, you decide . . .



    The DS845 bearing on the left as compared to those in Savox SB-2290SG is 25% larger, rated ABEC-9, and shielded. Theirs? Sorry, they don't say.


    With regard to mounting the 2290SG within an X-MAXX, you'll resort to the plastic Traxxas #7749 adapter vs CNC-machined aircraft aluminum solution.


    Part of what makes the ProModeler DS635BLHV better than competitors is that unlike hobby-grade servos, it's built to meet military standards (and subjected to these tests).

    MIL-STD-810G-Part 16

    • Shock - Test Method 516.6
    • Vibration - Test Method 514.6
    • Rain - Test Method 514.5

    ProModeler servos are expressly designed to survive the abuse of the real world outside of modeling  . . . and it's another ownership consideration.