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    00:04:19 aboutENGINES: YW-48B2
    00:24:37 aboutENGINES: YW-48B2 (test
    00:30:13 workBENCH: GP Christen Eagle
    00:51:08 howTO: Access Drilling
    00:56.39 howTO:
    Straighten Tubing
    01:04:36 flightTEST: GP Christen Eagle
    01:21:48 howTO: Incidence Meter
    flightLINE: The International
    01:51:10 flightLINE: Larry's B-17
    in Flight
    02:03:51 ROT8: Audacity Models Tiger
    02:07:38 outTAKES

    aboutENGINES: "Baby TOC" flashed through our minds when we first laid eyes on YW Engines' ultralight and silky smooth 48cc Boxer. The throaty and exhilarating rasp of the exhaust is the perfect complement to a 78-84" span aerobat and will raise the hairs on the back of your neck! Never dropping a cylinder like a glo-twin, the superb reliability of a gasser is perfect for scale models. Weighing just 51oz bare (67 oz loaded - a mere 7 ounces more than a G-23), the jugs of this splendid engine poking from the cowl of a 132" Cub look simply marvelous!

    workBENCH: Sporting a fabulous MonoKote job, Great Planes' Christen Eagle II is a smooth and agile performer in the hands of an expert pilot. The 29% scale bipe is a solid and honest-flying example of one of sport aviation's most famous designs.

    flightLINE: Held in late August since 1981, the gently rolling plains of North Dakota are the backdrop to The International. This fun event draws pilots from around the nation and Canada!
    flightTEST: The 138" wingspan Stenhouse B-17 takes to the skies after two years of construction. Powered by four OS Max 70 Surpass 4-strokes, Robart retracts handle its 45 lb weight with aplomb!
    ROT8: Available for less than 300 bucks, and featuring super inexpensive repair parts, the sporty Tiger 50 from audacitymodels.com is a real hotrod!