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    00:02:30 sneakPEAK . . . Chicago
    00:25:00 clubMEETING . . . Getting started
    00:35:30 workBENCH . . . B-17
    00:46:30 aboutENGINES . . . EVO-46
    01:11:00 workBENCH . . . Spitfire
    01:29:00 flightLINE . . . Rafale
    01:40:00 talkRADIO . . . Futaba MSA-10
    01:51:00 newPRODUCTS . . . YW-48B2

    sneakPEAK: Held in the fall, Chicago's Int. Model & Hobby Expo is where manufacturers and influential hobby dealers decide what to stock.
    clubMEETING: The Internet can be a wonderful source of information, but can you trust it? Check out this free new modelSPORT service!
    workBENCH: The giant-scale B-17 model looks realistic because of details like well installed cabin glass and the correct paint colors. See how easy the job can be, along with how to select Federal Std. Colors using paint chips.!

    Kent Nogy's Rafale

    aboutENGINES: Evolution's EVO-46 is very inexpensive - can it compare to market leaders? Is it a great, or is it just another wannabe dud? We strip it down and run it with interesting results!
    workBENCH: Featuring flaps and the correct outward-retracting landing gear,World Model's superb 60-class Spitfire is both graceful in the air and the super handling aircraft - just like the original!
    flightLINE: Kent Nogy is one of the world's premier scale-jet craftsmen. Join us as we present his twin-turbine scale Rafale masterpiece in flight.
    talkRADIO: Futaba's MSA-10 is the perfect solution for ganging up to four servos on a single control surface.

    Ultra lightweight gas burner

    newPRODUCTS: YW's 48B2 twin is perfect for 3D and hovering 80" models and incredibly, it's lighter than a G-23!