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    00:01:30 workBENCH
    Painting the B-17
    00:15:00 aboutENGINES
    YS FZ140S
    00:29:30 workBENCH
    Fun World 3D
    00:53:00 flightLINE
    01:04:00 Sean McMurtry
    01:08:00 Christophe Paysant-Le Roux
    01:14:30 BME 110
    01:19:00 Roland Matt
    01:25:00 innerVIEW
    Chip Hyde
    01:29:00 Chip Hyde
    01:26:00 Quique Somenzini
    01:42:00 Jason Shulman
    01:45:00 Mike McConville
    01:54:00 newPRODUCTS
    Falcon's Aero-Star 40 ARF trainer and Sullivan S753 SkyWriter smoke pump system
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    workBENCH: "The trick to making a B-17 model look real lies in making the aluminum paint simulate the aluminum panels of the real thing." said Larry, while sharing in his unique way the hard won tips and tricks garnered in a lifetime of modeling.
    aboutENGINES: When the FAI took their hands off engine displacements by specifying airframes instead of engine sizes, they unleashed a horsepower race. With the introduction of the friendly and powerful YS's FZ140-S (Sport), the trickle down benfits of competition have arrived for sportsmen everywhere!

    Sullivan's Double Screen Fuel Filter installed

    workBENCH: So much fun it raises the question, "Is it legal?" The neat World Models Fun World 3D features plug-in wing panels to transform the nearly 6-foot span into quite a manageable package. This airplane is perfect for learning 3D maneuvers and is both aptly named and a blast to fly!

    World Model's Fun World 3D ready for the field

    flightLINE: What makes the 21 best R/C model pilots in the world converge on Las Vegas, NV? Why, money, of course . . . and lots of it too! The combined prize package totaled more than $180,000, while the winner walked off with a cool 50,000 bucks! That's more money than any other aviation event in the world, model or full scale! Appearing by invitation only, these pilots made awesome flights seem routine.
    newPRODUCTS: Falcon Trading Aero-Star 40 ARF trainer & Sullivan's SkyWriter smoke system.