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Carbon Fiber Tubes

6061-T6 Aluminum Ends
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    Stronger lighter boom carbon fiber steadies are a quick and easy upgrade for your Pantera P6. The downside of longitudinally oriented carbon fiber strands (what's termed 'pultruded' in the industry) is they will separate and splinter fairly easily. An elegant mechanical solution is to use an aluminum cap assembly. Once that fully captures the end of the carbon fiber tube it keeps it from splintering and the end result is light, stiff, and super strong!

    Assembly is easy. Just mix up some JB Weld and smear a little bit on the end of the carbon fiber tube and slip the cap in place until the end cap bottoms on the tube. Don't worry if you use too much because the two weep holes in the body of the aluminum caps are there expressly for excess epoxy to ooze out (just wipe off the excess epoxy with denatured alcohol and set aside). Finally, before the epoxy cures, assemble the steadies onto your model. Using the boom clamp, ensure the aluminum end caps remain in bottomed in place until the epoxy cures.