Polymer X-MAXX mount-adapter and horn for these only;

  • DS635BLHV
  • DS845BLHV
  • DS1155BLHV
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    This S7749P polymer servo mount adapter plus horn kit is for installing a series II standard-size servo DS635/845/1155BLHV into a Traxxas X-MAXX.

    This will not work with series I servos, like DS505/630/930BLHV (or compatible like Savox 2290SG). Instead, order control horn PDRS19F-25T, and Traxxas' polymer mount adapter, #7749.

    • Heads up . . . our alloy series II installation kit is a smarter buy.

    The alloy-kit is both stronger 'and' significantly more rigid, 'but' it's only for series II super duty servos. It won't work with series I servos, either, capice?

    Finally, if you don't know it exists, investigate our DS1885BLWR midi-size.