• Designed for X-MAXX
  • Super duty horn
  • Threaded 2X for M3
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    CNC-machined from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum, installation is axially on the output shaft, which we advise first lightly greasing, and then securing with an M3 Allen-head machine-thread bolt. We also advise using a locking device (lock or star washer) or chemical threadlocker. Disassembly is the reverse.

    - There are 3 standard size ProModeler servos suitable for an X-MAXX 

    Note; and by way of heads up . . . we advise not using this control horn for servos other than our DS635/845/1155 because conventional standard-class servos simply may not have the gear train strength to survive. That, and they're probably too cheaply built for long term use.

    Yes, we know this sounds like BS on our part, so we'll gladly take your money for the horn because we're in business to sell stuff - just please don't say nobody warned you, OK?

    Point is, recommending against using it on other brands is an opinion, and opinions are like bellybuttons (meaning we all have them), but comparing the competing Savox SB-2290SG to one of our servos shows what we mean.

    - Overbuilt fairly describes ProModeler servos - they meet three MIL-STDS

    So take note how the bearings in ours are 25% larger, and our gears aren't just 'much' larger but about 100% larger. Also, take note how the PCB for ours uses a conformal coating for shock protection while they use a little square of foam.

    And very importantly, note how there are bronze reinforcements built into the ProModeler case (where the gear shafts are fitted) while in the Savox they're pressed straight into the soft aluminum. Finally, while we use 13 o-rings to seal it, the cheaply made import uses 2 (and they don't use 'any' o-rings to seal the electronics cover - go figure).

    Finally, before you add this control horn to cart, please review this information regarding the ProModeler XXA mechanical kit, alloy, because this is an integral part of the equation for securing the servo in the X-MAXX. And note; clicking the link opens it in a new tab so you won't lose your place.

    Look, we earn your business not just by providing superior products, but ones that are fairly priced. And we also try to offer good advice. So take note of our caution before you buy our super duty control horn, so you're absolutely sure your servo's really good enough for the job . . . ours are.

    Mounting positions (M3 thread)

    • 14mm
    • 19mm

    Q. Will this control horn fit a Savox SB-2290SG?

    A. Yes it will, no problem! But the real question is . . . should you? We don't think so but when we say this, it comes across as self-serving. We know that as well as you do. Thing is, if you just eyeball the photos comparing the ProModeler DS1155 to the SB-2290SG, then you're going to see . . .

    . . . the bearings in ours are 25% larger, the gears are about 100% larger, plus ours uses bronze hardpoints within the aluminum case while they fit the steel gear shafts directly to aluminum, which we know doesn't last long.

    We're from the south where it's not considered bragging if it's true. So we're not blowing smoke up your skirt when we make these observations because they're 100% true.

    Your money, do what you want, just don't say nobody told you, OK?