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Connector, 5.5 mm Bullet (set of 3 pair)
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Item #: PDRB5-5_5mm Bullet -

Battery, LiPo, 2S250-35C
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Item #: LiPo2S250-35C -

This 2S battery has a capacity of 250mAH, and is equipped with a universal JR-type discharge connector (plus a balance connector). It's ideal for powering the control-electronics of a model airplane, helicopter, or truck because it outputs clean DC voltage. This is an especially important consideration with electric-powered models where the ESC has a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit). Why? Essentially because in comparison to the perfect DC voltage of a LiPo battery pack, the synthetic voltage...

Battery, LiPo, 2S1000-50C
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Item #: LiPo2S1000-50C -

This 2S battery is composed of two 50C cells with a capacity of 1000mAH. This pack pack is capable of deliver 50A of current (50C x 1A = 50A), which is severe overkill considering it's equipped with 2 universal JR-type discharge connector, each of which are only rated at 5A. Thus, if you connect both leads to the receiver you can actually feed 10A to the servos (5A+5A=10A). However, in practice, because these connectors can actually pass 7-8A each (as long as they're clean because surface...