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    Unlike competitors, we have these servo-mounting screws custom forged right here in the USA. While there are 4 in a pack (enough for one servo), they're also available in quantities of 25, 100, and even 1000 (for professionals builders) because they're useful for a lot of other stuff like mounting cowls, landing gear straps, etc.

    What motivated us to make these? I was installing servos using a long skinny Phillips head screwdriver. It slipped off and punched a neat hole through the top of the fuselage, plus my jeans, and plunged deep into my thigh. Suddenly there was blood everywhere! But worse than the subsequent tetanus shot was repairing a brand new never before flown model - grrr!

    As compared to another popular servo mounting screw, ours is a tad longer. I designed them this way because a lot of models use lite-ply servo mounts instead of traditional rock maple so some extra bite may be useful. Also, since we have them custom forged, I designed locking ridges on the underside of the head. Finally, with the proliferation of metric hardware in ARF models, we decided against fighting the tide and thus, these use the popular a 2.5mm Allen driver.

    If you're installing ProModeler servos, you already know about these screws but next time you're installing something other than our servos, get these screws and replace the cheapo Phillips screws they include . . . these are better!

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    Hiawatha, IA

    Great Servo Screws

    • unique design
    Never seen anything quite like them before buying ProModeler servos. They are better than anything else that is currently available.